1st Edition

A Land Between Two Niles Quaternary geology and biology of the Central Sudan

Edited By Martin A.J. Williams, D.A. Adamson Copyright 1982

    Contents: Alluvial history: Geology, groundwater hydrology, vegetation, soils & palaeoecology. Maps, figs., photos.

    1 Alluvium and agriculture in the semi-arid world 2 Quaternary environments in Northern Africa 3 Palaeobotanical speculations and Quaternary environments in the Sudan 4 Geology of the central Sudan 5 Stratigraphy and ground-water geology of the Gezira Plain, central Sudan 6 The plains of the central and southern Sudan 7 Landforms and soils of the Gezira: A Quaternary legacy of the Blue and White Nile rivers 8 The vegetation of the central Sudan 9 Palaeogeography of the Gezira and of the lower Blue and White Nile valleys 10 The integrated Nile


    Martin A.J. Williams (Edited by) , D.A. Adamson (Edited by) Macquarie University, Australia