2nd Edition

The Literary History of England Vol 2: The Renaissance (1500-1600)

Edited By T. Brooke, M.A. Shaaber Copyright 1959
    462 Pages
    by Routledge

    456 Pages
    by Routledge

    This is Volume II of five on a series providing a comprehensive history of the literature of England. Volume II looks at the Renaissance period (1500-1660) covering the Elizabethan, Jacobean and Restoration periods. It includes the writings of Green, Edmund Spenser, Christopher Marlowe, Shakespeare, Bason, Wilton and Milton.

    Part I The Early Tudors (1485-1558) ! Links with the Past II The New Learning III The New World IV Satire V The Interlude VI Religious Prose Part II The Reigh of Elizabeth (1558-1603) I The Elizabethan Lyric II Verse Narrative III Prose Narrative I Lyly and His Predecessors IV Prose Narrative II. Greene and his Followers V Miscellaneous Prose VI Elizabethan Comedy VII Elizabethan Tragedy VIII Sidney and the Sonneteers IX Edmund Spenser X The Faerie Queene: The Spenserian XI Christopher Marlow XII Shakespeare to 1603. Part III The Early Stuart and the Commonwealth (1603-1660) I Shakespeare under James II Jacobean Drama: I Dramatists of the Old School III Jacobean Drama: II The Static Group IV Jacobean Drama: III The Romantic Playwrights V Caroline Drama 1625-16 VI Seventeenth-Century Prose: I Bason and the Prose of Utility VII Seventeenth-Century Prose: II Character Books, Autobiography Walton VIII Seventeenth-Century Prose: III The Baroque Glory IX Seventeenth-Century Poetry: I the Olympians X Seventeenth-Century Poetry: II The Moral Tradition XI Seventeenth-Century Poetry: III THe Academic and Courtly Tradition XII Seventeenth-Century Poetry: IV Links with the Restoration XIII Milton: The Last Elizabethan XIV Milton's Latin Poems and Prose Works XV Milton in the Restoration


    Tucker Brooke and Matthias A. Shaaber, University of Pennsylvania.