1st Edition

A Literary History of Persia From the Earliest Times until Firdawsi

By E.G. Browne Copyright 1999

    Browne's famous work, first published in 1902, was the essential text on literary history in Persian studies for many years. As an overview of Persian literature from the earliest times until Firdawsi, it continues to be a valuable reference. Out of print for some time, it is now reissued as a library edition, in facsimile to capture the feel of the original edition.

    Volume I: From the Earliest Times until Firdawsi, 1902, 536pp., frontispiece
    Volume II. From Firdawsi to Sa'di, 1906, 584pp., frontispiece
    Volume III. The Tartar Dominion (1265-1502), 1920, 602 pp., 12 illustrations
    Volume IV. Modern Times (1500-1924), 1924, 546 pp. 16 illustrations


    E.G. Browne