A Little Tour Through European Poetry  book cover
1st Edition

A Little Tour Through European Poetry

ISBN 9781138507234
Published September 28, 2017 by Routledge
298 Pages

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Book Description

This book is both a sequel to author John Taylor's earlier volume Into the Heart of European Poetry and something different. It is a sequel because this volume expands upon the base of the previous book to include many more European poets. It is different in that it is framed by stories in which the author juxtaposes his personal experiences involving European poetry or European poets as he travels through different countries where the poets have lived or worked. Taylor explores poetry from the Czech Republic, Denmark, Lithuania, Albania, Romania, Turkey, and Portugal, all of which were missing in the previous gathering, analyzes heady verse written in Galician, and presents an important poet born in the Chuvash Republic. His tour through European poetry also adds discoveries from countries whose languages he reads fluently-Italy, Germany (and German-speaking Switzerland), Greece, and France. Taylor's model is Valery Larbaud, to whom his criticism, with its liveliness and analytical clarity, is often compared. Readers will enjoy a renewed dialogue with European poetry, especially in an age when translations are rarely reviewed, present in literary journals, or studied in schools. This book, along with Into the Heart of European Poetry, motivates a dialogue by bringing foreign poetry out of the specialized confines of foreign language departments.

Table of Contents


1. On the Strassenbahn with Klaus Merz's Poetry
2. Friedrich Ho;lderlin, Our Contemporary
3. German Poetry beyond Rilke, Benn, and Brecht
4. The Unexpected Compassion of Gottfried Benn
5. Reading Contemporary Poetry in Weimar
6. Translating Swiss Poetry in Looren
7. The Italian Poets Are Coming!
8. Meeting up with Lorenzo Calogero in Florence
9. "Guardami, dimmi, e cosi per te": Alfredo de Palchi
10. Sandro Penna's Secret Poems
11. The Dark of Love: Patrizia Cavalli
12. Poetic Ljubljana
13. Edvard Kocbek, Emmanuel Mounier, the French Review Esprit, and Personalism
14. Questions of Daily Life and Beyond: Milan Djordjevi
15. The Tiger Is the World: Tomislav Marijan Bilosni
16. The Unshackling of Albanian Poetry
17. Standing by Pointlessness: Kiki Dimoula
18. Manolis Xexakis's Captain Super Priovolos: Notes for an Exegesis
19. A Panorama of Turkish Love Poetry: Birhan Keskin and Other Contemporary Women Poets
20. The Seventh Gesture: Tsvetanka Elenvoka
21. The Wonder-like Lightning of Prose Poetry
22. Love According to Luca
23. Discovering Benjamin Fondane
24. The Desire to Affirm: George Szirtes
25. Prague as a Poem: Vitzslav Nezval and Emil Hakl
26. A Rather Late Letter from Wrocaw
27. The Self and Its Selves: A Journey through Poetic Northern Climes
28. The Russian Poets Are Coming!
29. The Five Angles of the Golden Rectangle: Tomas Venclova
30. Telling Dichotomies: Maria do Cebreiro and Kristiina Ehin
31. The Metaphysics of the Kiss: Vicente Aleixandre
32. A Spanish Metaphysical Poet Searching for Songs of Truth: Jose angel Valente
33. The Passion and the Patience of Eugenio de Andrade
34. The Past Hour, the Present Hour: Yves Bonnefoy




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