1st Edition

A Metaphysics for the Future

By Robert Allinson Copyright 2001

    This title was first published in 2001. This work is intended to serve not only as an expression of a new idea of a philosophy, but as an "apologia" for philosophy as a legitimate and independent discipline in its own right. It argues that in the 20th century, truth has not been abandoned, but merely modified. The text proposes a return to truth and suggests that it is only after apprehending the truths of consciousness that the philosopher's mirror may become a kaleidoscope through which reality may be contemplated. First order truth lies in the realm of discovery, and discovery takes place only within the moment of subjective re-enactment.

    Introduction; 1: The Nature of Metaphysics; 1: What is Metaphysics?; 2: A Typology of Metaphysics; 3: Pedagogical Approaches to the Study of Metaphysics; 4: Metaphysical Principles and Metaphysical Insight; 2: The Nature of Knowledge; 5: The Modes of Knowledge the Case of the Idiot Savant and How Many Angels Can Dance on the Head of a Pin?; 6: Descartes’ Legacy and Exorcising the Ghosts of the Cartesian and the Hermeneutic Circles; 7: Husserl’s Red Herrings; 8: The Bogeyword, ‘Intuition’; 9: The Laws of the Mind and the Laws of the Universe; 10: The Distinction Between Empirical Psychology and Phenomenological Epistemology; 11: The Logic in Phenomenology; 12: The Forgotten Fourth


    Robert Allinson