1st Edition

A Million and One Nights A History of the Motion Picture

By Terry Ramsaye Copyright 1964
    1041 Pages
    by Routledge

    1040 Pages
    by Routledge

    First published in 1964.  When A Million and One Nights was first published in 1926, it was hailed as "the first complete source book on the motion picture" and its author, Terry Ramsaye, as "the first authentic film historian." The intervening years have established A Million and One Nights as a classic, standard work on the history of the motion picture from the beginning through 1925. The contents of this edition are identical with those of the original two-volume edition.

    The art and its audience; the prehistory of the screen; from Aristotle to Philadelphia; Muybridge in myth and murder; in the house of the wizard; it moves -October 6, 1889; $150 saved - an empire lost; wonders of the world's fair; Black's pre-film pictureplay; two gallants from Virginia; dancing butterflies - intrigue; Major Latham challenges; Armat attains the screen; Paul and "the time machine"; Lumiere's sixteen-a-second; romances of the Lathams; the legend of Richmond; biograph starts with a punch; a trade secret of 1896; first night on Broadway; the invasion of London; first psalm of the cinema; a dance from Cairo and a kiss; vaudeville adopts the films; recruiting the pioneers; when Corbett fought Ruby Robert; the Latham star declines; Chicago - Spoor and Selig; the lawless film frontier; McKinley - biograph's first night; Barnum's grandson entertains; "Edison, Jr." on the Spanish main; the charity bazaar fire; Marshall Field and a book agent; the saga of calvary; and then the fight started; Blackton, Smith and Rock; Melies magic and the pirates; Alaska, war and Tammany; bright lights and dark deeds; the story picture is born; the screen theatre arrives; Roosevelt and Dockstader; when actors scorned the screen; Carl Laemmle takes a chance; enter D.W. Griffith with Mss; Kalem and the first "Ben Hur"; Jeremiah J. Kennedy, hardboiled; and now comes censorship; the trust war begins; introducing Mary Pickford; Griffith evolves screen syntax; T.R. gets nature-faked again; imp kidnaps trust star; the discovery of California; a cowboy, and undertaker, et al; the Latham's last day; adventures in Kinemacolor; Tom Ince raises a moustache; herring, diamonds and Selznick; Adolph Zukor and Sarah Bernhardt; the Gishes, "pink" and "blue"; the screen discovers sex; Lasky rents a barn; "the birth of a nation"; "Charlie Chapman" gets an offer; the screen and press conspire; Panchito Villa sells a war; "Roxy" comes to Broadway; Washington, London and the Taj Mahal; Jack Johnson's film knockout; Bara and the vampire; "104,000" for little Mary; Triangle, Fairbanks and Riesenfeld; Henry Ford answers a war cry; $670,000 for Chaplin; Mary, quite contrary, takes a million; two millions on Belshazzar; Zukored and Selznicked; Wilson, Hearst and Creel; Mary, McAdoo and Monte Carlo; Will Hays goes to lunch; today


    Terry Ramsaye