2nd Edition

A New Environmental Ethics The Next Millennium for Life on Earth

By Holmes Rolston III Copyright 2020
    282 Pages 9 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    282 Pages 9 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    This Second Edition of A New Environmental Ethics: The Next Millennium for Life on Earth offers clear, powerful, and often moving thoughts from Holmes Rolston III, one of the first and most respected philosophers to write on the environment and often called the "father of environmental ethics." Rolston surveys the full spectrum of approaches in the field of environmental ethics and offers critical assessments of contemporary academic accounts. He draws on a lifetime of research and experience to suggest an outlook, and even hope, for the future. This forward-looking analysis, focused on the new millennium, will be a necessary complement to any balanced textbook or anthology in environmental ethics. The First Edition guaranteed "to put you in your place." Beyond that, the Second Edition asks whether you want to live a "de-natured life on a de-natured planet."

    Key Updates in the Second Edition

    • Covers the worsening environmental situation due to actions of the Trump administration, including withdrawal from the Paris Agreement and from the U.N. Framework Convention on Climate Change
    • Includes information on legislation in key U.S. states (e.g., California and New York) aimed to ameliorate the damage done at the federal level
    • Increases coverage of group knowledge, group agreement and disagreement, and group action in collective environmental ethics, as distinguished from individual knowledge and action
    • Examines the deleterious effects of online consumer behavior
    • Explains how a loss of solidarity among a nation’s citizens and even a larger solidary among humanity leads to environmental degradation
    • Offers new analysis of the effects of epistemic bubbles, echo chambers, and fake news on the behavior of voters and consumers
    • Provides an extended critique of the Anthropocene Epoch, and the prospect of geo-engineering Earth to become a synthetic environment.

    1. The Environmental Turn

    2. Humans: People on their Landscapes

    3. Animals: Beasts in Flesh and Blood

    4. Organisms: Respect for Life

    5. Species and Biodiversity: Lifelines in Jeopardy

    6. Ecosystems: The Land Ethic

    7. Earth: Ethics on the Home Planet


    Holmes Rolston III is University Distinguished Professor and Professor of Philosophy at Colorado State University.  He has written seven books. He gave the Gifford Lectures, University of Edinburgh, 1997–1998, and won the Templeton Prize in Religion in 2003. Rolston has spoken as a distinguished lecturer on all seven continents.

    Praise for the First Edition:

    "This is an introduction to environmental ethics that only Holmes Rolston could write – at once gut-wrenchingly direct and poetically-inspired, it will attract new generations to the field that he did so much to create."
    Dale Jamieson, New York University

    "A succinct overview of the field from its most important thinker, this book is the indispensable introduction to environmental ethics."
    Willis Jenkins, Yale University

    "Highly recommended."