1st Edition

A Performance Cosmology Testimony from the Future, Evidence of the Past

Edited By Judie Christie, Richard Gough, Daniel Peter Watt Copyright 2007
    32 Pages 250 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    342 Pages
    by Routledge

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    Exploring thirty years of work by The Centre for Performance Research (CPR), A Performance Cosmology explores the future challenges of performance and theatre through a diverse and fascinating series of interviews, testimonies and perspectives from leading international theatre practitioners and academics.

    Contributors include: Philip Auslander, Rustom Bharucha, Tim Etchells, Jane Goodall, Guillermo Gomez-Pena, Jon Mckenzie, Claire MacDonald, Susan Melrose, Alphonso Lingis, Richard Schechner, Rebecca Schneider, Edward Scheer, and Freddie Rokem.

    A Performance Cosmology is structured as a travelogue through a matrix of strategic, imaginary, interdisciplinary field stations. This innovative framework enables readings which disrupt linearity and afford different forms of thematic engagement. The resulting volume opens entirely new vistas on the old, new, and as yet unimagined, worlds of performance.

    Introduction: Into the Rose Garden  Part 1: Intimate Conversations: Ways of Working with the Centre for Performance Research  1.1 Tools for Conviviality Claire Macdonald  1.2 Eight things I know now that I didn’t know before Anna Fenemore  1.3 Eye and Ear, Foot and Mouth: Mapping Performance in three journeys and one withdrawal Heike Roms  1.4 Express Trains: Working at CPR Ric Allsopp  1.5 Singing Praise Frankie Armstrong  1.6 Ten Things I Love about You Joan Mills  1.7 A Little Big Boots: on participating in Summer Shift 2004 Helen Iball  1.8 Performances of Truth Sibylle Peters  1.9 Pro-found and Impossible Ailsa Richardson  1.10 A Memory or Two Before I Know it… Jill Greenhalgh  1.11 The Nature and Culture of Performance Paul Allain  1.12 Ten Fragments Franc Chamberlain  1.13 The Courage to Create: Food, Alchemy, Objects and Performance: Selected interviews with Richard Gough  Part 2: Testimony from the Future  Richard Schechner Interviewed by Richard Gough  A River of Senses and a Touch of Otherness Enzo Cozzi  Declaration of Poetic Disobedience Guillermo Gomez-Pena  Interactive Environments and Digital Perception Johannes Birringer  AnimalCam: Ocularcentrism and Non-Human Performance Philip Auslander  Global Feeling: (Almost) All You Need is Love Jon McKenzie  Writing (After) the Event: Notes on Appearance, Passage and Hope David Williams  The scribes of Merlin 'An obscure lecture' Matthew Goulish  What I Can't Recall Rebecca Schneider  Stones in the Mind Jane Goodall  Marking Time Mike Pearson  Aporias of Ekphrasis: The Performance Archive – Archiving the Performance Christopher Balme  Legwork -- Thinking Showing Doing Joe Kelleher  Who knows - and who cares - about performance mastery?  Susan Melrose  Incomplete Alphabet Tim Etchells  Hounded Buildings: Site, Performance and Traumatic Memory Dragan Klaic  The Memory of Promise: Theatre and the Ethic of the Future Adrian Kear  Open Wounds Alphonso Lingis  Ramblers Associations Mick Wallis  Witnessing the Witness Freddie Rokem  The Effect Produced Patrice Pavis  Dear Friends and Family Laurie Beth Clark  The Writing of the Event Adrian Heathfield  An Untenable Identity Formation: Eleutheria in 8 parts Michael Peterson  Eleutheromania: Performance Art and the war on terror Edward Scheer  Time, Space, Topography Michal Kobialka  Arrested Life: A Sadness Without an Object Alan Read  Delirium: Nostalgia, Theatre and Public Space Paul Carter  Why There is Wind Paul Rae  Rustom Bharucha Interviewed by Richard Gough  Part 3: Evidence of the Past  3.1 From the Laboratory to the Centre: History, Training, the Academy and the Book - Selected Interviews with Richard Gough  3.2 Perfect Time: Imperfect Tense. An Object Exercise in Conditional Remembrance Richard Gough  3.3 Bibliophobia Daniel Watt  3.4 Resource Centre Time/Space Collapse Antony Pickthall  3.5 Chronology of 30 years of productions, festivals, conferences, workshops and publications.


    Christie, Judie

    'The diversity of texts and images is careful and generous... There is a pleasing and intelligent sense of resistance in this book and it is timely and helpful.' - Performance Paradigm