1st Edition

A Philosopher's Pilgrimage

By Alban G. Widgery Copyright 1961

    First Published in 1961 A Philosopher's Pilgrimage is a plain-spoken autobiography of Alban G. Widgery. This is the record of the life of a philosopher who never allowed concern with ideas to distract him from the richness of experiences. He was a student, colleague and friend of some of the leading personalities of the last half century. Having lived in England, Scotland, Germany, France, India, Hawaii, and the United States, he formed definite impressions of their peoples. In India, on the personal staff of H.H. Sayaji Rao III, he greatly influenced him in his pioneer achievements. Associated with Hindus, Buddhists, Parsis, Muslims, and Jews, he came to appreciate essentials of their faiths. He critically considered the teachings of such thinkers as Nietzsche, Tolstoy, and Shaw. With a clarity of exposition and with humour he presents a philosophy of life worthy of serious consideration. This book will be of interest to students of philosophy.

    1.Childhood and Adolescence 2. Philosophic Initiation: Cambridge 3. To Independence: Bristol 4. To Wider Horizons: Germany and France 5. To Admiration: Scotland 6. The Varied Life of India 7. Religions and Philosophies of India 8. An Aim Realized: Cambridge 9. Philosophizing in America 10. A Confession of Faith: Oxford 11. Whence?: And the Final, Whither? Index


    Alban G. Widgery