1st Edition

A Philosophical Theology of the Old Testament A historical, experimental, comparative and analytic perspective

By Jaco Gericke Copyright 2020
    172 Pages
    by Routledge

    170 Pages
    by Routledge

    Are we able to identify and compare the philosophical perspectives and questions that must be postulated as having been somehow present in the language, ideas and worldviews of the Biblical authors? This book sets out an approach to something that has been generally considered impossible: a philosophical theology of the Old Testament. It demonstrates and addresses the neglect of a descriptive and comparative philosophical clarification of concepts in Old Testament theology, and in so doing treads new ground in Biblical studies and philosophical theology.

    Recognizing the obvious problems with, and objections to, any form of interdisciplinary research combining philosophical and Biblical theology, this study presents itself as introductory and experimental in nature. The methodology opted for is limited to a philosophical clarification of concepts already found in Old Testament theology, while the findings are presented via the popular thematic approach found in analytic philosophical theologies; with no attempted justification or critique of the textual contents under investigation. These approaches are combined by primarily looking at the nature of Yahweh in the Old Testament.

    This book offers a new vision of Biblical and philosophical theology that brings them closer together in order that we might understand both more broadly and deeply. As such, it will be vital reading for scholars of Theology, Biblical Studies and Philosophy.

    1. What OT scholars explicitly told us about philosophical theology

    2. The complete OT scholar’s guide to the story of philosophical theology

    3. When OT scholars behave philosophically-theologically

    4. Paving the road to a philosophical theology of the OT with good intensions

    5. How to make metaphysical restatements and alienate OT theologians

    6. Philosophical theologies of the OT and the roads not taken


    Jaco Gericke is Associate Research Professor at North-West University, South Africa. His reaserach focuses on the intersection between Old Testament studies and (mostly analytic) philosophy of religion. He has previously published two books in this area, What is a God? (2017) and The Hebrew Bible and Philosophy of Religion (2012).