A Place In The Sun : Marxism And Fascimsm In China's Long Revolution book cover
1st Edition

A Place In The Sun
Marxism And Fascimsm In China's Long Revolution

ISBN 9780813337821
Published March 24, 2000 by Routledge
244 Pages

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Book Description

China has endured a century of turmoil, beginning with the anti-dynastic revolution associated with Sun Yat-Sen, through the military and tutelary rule of Chiang Kai-shek, the revolutionary regime of Mao Zedong, and the radical reforms of Deng Xiaoping. China has had little respite. Historians and social scientists have attempted to understand some of this history as being the consequence of the impact of European ideologies-including Marxism, Marxism-Leninism, and Fascism. Rarely instructive or persuasive, the discussions regarding this issue have, more often than not, led to puzzlement, rather than enlightenment.In A Place in the Sun, A. James Gregor offers an interpretation of the role of European Marxist and Fascist ideas on China's revolutionaries that is both original, and based on a lifetime of scholarship devoted to revolutionary ideologies. Gregor renders a detailed analysis of their respective influence on major protagonists. In the exposition, Gregor reveals an unsuspected and complex set of relationships between the Chinese revolution and essentially European ideologies. His discussion concludes with a number of estimations that suggest implications for the future of modern China, and its relationship with the advanced industrial democracies. How post-Dengist China-the world's most populous nation-is to be understood remains uncertain to most comparativists and historians. Gregor provides one well supported alternative, and he is carefully attentive to the implications of this alternative.

Table of Contents

Preface, Acknowledgments, On Understanding the Twentieth Century, The Origins of Imperialism, Marxism, Classical Marxism and the Peripheral, Less-Developed Regions, Imperialism in the Twentieth Century, Marxism, Fascism, and Revolution in the Twentieth Century, Revolution in Our Time, Notes, Marxist Theory and Fascism in Republican China, Revolutionary China and V.I. Lenin's Comintern, The Theoretical Background, J. V. Stalin and the Comintern's Oriental Policy, M. N. Roy, Sun Yat-sen, and Fascism in Republican China, Notes, Fascism and Sun Yat-sen, Marxist Theory and Comparative Politics, Reactive Developmental Nationalism, Nazionalfascismo, Reactive and Developmental Nationalism in Comparative Perspective, Notes, Marxism, Maoism, Fascism, and the Kuomintang, The Chinese Blue Shirt Society, Sun Yat-sen, Marxism, and Imperialism, Sun Yat-sen, Imperialism, and the Doctrines of Friedrich List, Karl Marx and Friedrich List, Notes, Maoism, the Ideology of Sun Yat-sen, and Fascism, The Characterization of Mao's Revolution, The Soviet Interpretation of Maoism, The Chinese Communist Critique of Maoism, Maoism, Anti-Maoism, and "Social-Fascism", The Soviet and Anti-Maoist Interpretation of Fascism, The Chinese Communist Party Critique of Mao Zedong Thought, Notes, Post-Maoist China, Sun Yat-sen, and Fascism, Marxism and the Reforms of Deng Xiaoping, Deng Xiaoping and the "Theory of the Productive Forces", Sun Yat-sen and "Protofascism", Deng Xiaoping, Sun Yat-sen, and Fascism, Notes, The New Nationalism of Post-Maoist China, The New Nationalism of Deng Xiaoping, Patterns of Reactive and Developmental Nationalism, Biology and China's Post-Maoist Reactive Nationalism, Classifying the New Nationalism of Post-Maoist China, Notes, Fascism, Post-Maoist China, and Irredentism, Nationalist and Fascist Irredentism, Fascist Geopolitics, The Irredentism of Post-Maoist China, Post-Maoist China's Claims in the East and South China Seas, "Vital Living Space" and the Geostrategy of Post-Maoist China, Notes, Conclusions, Marxism and Reactive Nationalism, Fascist Theory, Elements of a Taxonomy, Post-Maoist China As Fascist, Notes, Index

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A. JAMES GREGOR is professor of political science at the University of California, Berkeley. He is the author of numerous books, including In the Shadow of Giants: The Major Powers and the Security of Southeast Asia, Young Mussolini and the Intellectual Origins of Fascism, Survey of Marxism: Problems of Philosophy, The Theory of History, and many others.