A Practical Guide to Hospital Ministry : Healing Ways book cover
1st Edition

A Practical Guide to Hospital Ministry
Healing Ways

ISBN 9780789012128
Published August 14, 2002 by Routledge
342 Pages

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Book Description

Examine a meaningful, integrated, systemic, and pragmatic view of hospital ministry!

A Practical Guide to Hospital Ministry: Healing Ways is a comprehensive resource that examines the roles and responsibilities of hospital chaplains. It will help you make a shift toward a knowledge- and skill-based ministry that both incorporates and goes beyond current training approaches.

In the words of author McCall, “In today’s healthcare and specialized ministry services, education and training must be progressive and thorough. It must include experiences that increase one’s expertise in working with individuals, groups, families, consumers, and systems. These services must be integrated into the total structure and resources of hospitals at all levels of mission, philosophy, and program. Furthermore . . . hospital ministry must strive to be a resource to the wider community and the church.” A Practical Guide to Hospital Ministry is a vital resource for those who want to integrate hospital ministry into organizations whose support and understanding of the discipline are weak or do not exist at all.

A Practical Guide to Hospital Ministry provides numerous resources that can be of immediate use to anyone engaged in hospital ministry, including:

  • job descriptions
  • descriptions of various types of hospital ministries
  • scope-of-practice statements
  • sample pastoral care brochures and request forms
  • orientation checklists
  • sample religious preference codes
  • a list of typical counseling problems
  • therapeutic referral and progress forms
For administrators, educators, and those seeking to provide spiritual and pastoral resources to hospitalized individuals and their families, A Practical Guide to Hospital Ministry will prove to be an invaluable reference work.

Table of Contents

  • Acknowledgments
  • Introduction
  • A Chaplain’s Story
  • Beginning Assumptions
  • Hospital Ministry As Health Care Resource
  • Taking the Temperature of Hospital Ministry
  • Growing Needs in the Field of Hospital Ministry
  • Current Strengths of Hospital Ministry
  • The Interactive Format of This Book
  • An Overview
  • Chapter 1. Introduction to Ministry in Hospital Settings
  • Traditional Ministries
  • Newer Traditions
  • Recent Directions
  • Challenges and Changes in the Field
  • In Summary
  • Chapter 2. Understanding the Hospitalization Process and Patient Needs
  • Martha’s Experience
  • The Health Care Service Wheel
  • Changes in Hospitalization and Care
  • What Do Patients Want?
  • Research on What Patients Want
  • What Patients Want in the Area of Spiritual Care
  • What Do Patients Need from You?
  • Chapter 3. Health, Healing, Illness, and Recovery
  • The Gift of a 100 Percent Cure
  • Themes of Health, Healing, Illness, and Recovery
  • Questions About Health and Illness
  • Questions About Health and Recovery
  • Questions About Healing and Hope
  • The Role of Beliefs
  • The Development of Core-Images of Health and Illness
  • Images of Health and Illness
  • Types of Images Encountered in Treatment of Patients
  • Effects of Images on Health and Illness
  • Chapter 4. Establishing a Vision and a Mission for Hospital Ministry
  • Assumptions and Values
  • Value Awareness Exercises
  • The Development of A Hospital Ministry Vision Statement
  • Areas of Growing Concern
  • Putting Vision and Mission into Practice
  • Chapter 5. Integrating Professional Needs into the Practice of Hospital Ministry
  • A Student’s Experience
  • What Does a Person New to Hospital Ministry Need?
  • Needs of Persons Engaged in Hospital Ministry
  • Identifying Professional Ministry Needs
  • Chapter 6. Developing Caring Contexts for Health and Healing
  • Caring Contexts for Spiritual Healing
  • The Self As Patient and Healer
  • The Spiritual Care Provider
  • Care-Based Processes
  • Spaces and Places for Caring
  • Relationship As Context
  • Chapter 7. Focusing on Skill Development
  • The Art and Skill of Hospital Ministry
  • Using Common Sense
  • Making Initial Contacts
  • Providing Practical Help
  • Supportive Strategies
  • Brief Counseling
  • Crisis Ministry
  • Chapter 8. Going Beyond the Basics
  • Making Use of This Chapter
  • Administrative Skills and Functions
  • Consultation
  • Biomedical and Professional Ethics
  • Advanced Pastoral Care
  • Advanced Pastoral Counseling
  • Training Programs, Teaching, and Supervision
  • Contributions to the Field—Research and Writing
  • Interpretation and Advocacy Within the Wider Community
  • Developing a Professional Plan for Growth and Development
  • Chapter 9. Making Connections
  • The Large Picture of Service
  • Hospital-Wide Spiritual Care Efforts
  • Community Clergy Involvement
  • The Use of Clergy Consultants
  • Church and Faith Community Bridge Building
  • The Rewards of Hospital Ministry
  • Appendix A. Categorization of Hospital Ministry Form
  • Appendix B. Pastoral Services Spiritual Care and Chaplain Request Form
  • Appendix C. What Patients Request on Chaplain Request Forms
  • Appendix D. Sample Pastoral Services Policy Statement
  • Appendix E. Sample Pastoral Services Scope of Practice Statement
  • Appendix F. Chaplain I: Job Description
  • Appendix G. Chaplain II: Clinical Education Coordinator/Director Job Description
  • Appendix H. Chaplain IV: Administrator/Director Job Description
  • Appendix I. Sample Brochure
  • Appendix J. Identifying Professional Needs
  • Appendix K. Department of Pastoral Services Sample Orientation Checklist
  • Appendix L. Spiritual Needs Assessment
  • Appendix M. Care Readiness Questionnaire
  • Appendix N. Religious Preference Codes
  • Appendix O. Typical Presenting Problems: Brief Coun

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