A Primer in Fluid MechanicsDynamics of Flows in One Space Dimension: 1st Edition (Hardback) book cover

A Primer in Fluid MechanicsDynamics of Flows in One Space Dimension

1st Edition

By William B. Brower, Jr.

CRC Press

544 pages

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pub: 1998-10-22

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This distinctive text presents the basic principles of fluid mechanics by means of one-dimensional flow examples - differing significantly in style and content from other books.

A Primer in Fluid Mechanics contains:

  • an overview of fluid properties and the kinetic theory of gases

  • information on the fundamental equations of fluid mechanics, including historical references and background information

  • introductory discussions on fluid properties and fluid statics

  • a comprehensive chapter on compressible flow

  • a variety of applications on non-steady flow, including non-steady gas dynamics

  • a brief introduction to acoustics

    Novel provisos in the text include

  • an analysis of the static stability of a floating two-dimensional parabolic section

  • viscous flow through an elastic duct

  • several geometries in non-steady tank draining, including a singular perturbation problem

    Chapters also discuss physical properties, atmospheric stability, thermodynamics, energy and momentum equations, dimensional analysis, and historical perspectives of flows in pipes and conduits.

    A Primer in Fluid Mechanics offers a rigorous text for the curious student and for the research engineer seeking a readily available guide to the more refined treatments in the literature - supporting classical and current discussions as well as theoretical and practical concepts.

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    "Unique…Meticulously accurate…The author gives a refreshingly original discussion."

    - Ronald L. Panton, Mechanical Engineering Department, University of Texas at Austin

    Table of Contents

    Fluid Properties - Kinetic Theory of Gases


    The Macroscopic View of Matter

    The Liquid State

    On the Kinetic Theory of Gases

    Mass Density

    Pressure in a Gas

    The Molecular Mean-Free-Path Length

    Relation between Viscosity and Mean-Free-Path Length

    On Heat Conduction

    On the Units of Viscosity

    On the Viscosity of Real Gases

    Heat Conduction Coefficient for Dilute Gases

    On the Viscosity of Liquids

    Availability and Future Sources of Fluid Property Data

    Fluid Statics


    Equilibrium and Pressure in a Fluid

    Classification of Forces

    The Fundamental Equation of Fluid Statics

    Equation of Fluid Statics for a Uniform Gravitational Field

    Pressure-Height Relation in a Liquid

    Elementary Pressure-Measuring Instruments

    An Application in Manometry

    Forces and Moments on Submerged Surfaces

    Applications Involving Forces and Moments on Curved Surfaces

    Forces on Submerged Bodies

    The Concept of Static Stability

    Application: Stability of a Buoy

    On the Stability of a Floating Parabolic Segment

    Fluid Statics of the Atmosphere

    US Standard Atmosphere

    Concept of Geopotential Height

    Stability of the Atmosphere

    Buoyancy in the Atmosphere

    Application of the Inverse Square Law of Gravitation: Pressure at the Center of the Earth

    Surface Tension

    The Equation of Fluid Mechanics


    Concepts from Kinematics

    Relating Observed Motion for Two Different Observers

    Kinematics in a Flow Field

    Time Derivatives and the Substantial Derivative

    Illustrative Examples

    Example Involving Other Time Derivatives

    Concept of a One-Dimensional Flow

    The Postulates of Fluid Dynamics

    The Continuity Equation

    Invariance of Continuity Equation under Change of Observer

    The Dynamical Equation of Motion

    On Newton's Second Law

    On Concepts from Thermodynamics

    The First Law of Thermodynamics

    The Second Law of Thermodynamics

    The Energy Equation

    Dissipation and the Role of Friction

    Wok and the Integrated Form of the Energy Equation

    The Linear Momentum Equation


    Applications in Constant-Density Flow


    A Catalogue of Restrictions

    The Equations of Incompressible (Constant-Density) Flow

    Bernoulli's Equation

    Total Pressure

    Frictionless Flow out of a Pressurized Reservoir

    On Quasi-Steady Flow

    Flow Losses in Internal Inlets

    Elementary Flow Metering Devices

    Two Flow-Rate Examples

    Pitot and Pitot-Static Tubes

    Elementary Applications of the Momentum Equation

    The Borda-Carnot Relation for a Sudden Enlargement

    The Borda Mouthpiece

    Forces on Vanes, Power Production

    The Rocket-Sled Water Brake

    The Water Sprinkler Problem

    Dimensional Analysis, Dynamical Similitude and Inspectional Analysis

    Dimensions versus Units

    Standards in Science and Technology

    Complete Physical Equations and Dimensional Homogeneity

    A Primitive Example of Dimensional Homogeneity

    The Role of Dimensionless Parameters

    The Buckingham Pi Theorem

    Application of the Pi Theorem

    Alternative Method for Determining the Pi-Ratios

    Example Where the Number of Pi-Ratios Is Greater than M-N

    Kinematical and Dynamical Similarity

    On the Physical Significance of the Reynolds Number

    Inspectional Analysis

    Dynamical Similarity and Modeling

    A Dimensional Analysis and an Inspectional Analysis Compared to the Complete Solution

    Effects of Viscosity in Pipes and Conduits

    A Historical Note

    The Experiments of Hagen and Poiseuille on Flow through Capillary Tubes

    Stokes' Solution for Hagen-Poiseuille Flow

    On the Correlation of Theory and Experiment

    The Darcy-Weisbach Equation for Head Loss in a Pipe

    Reynolds' Experiments on the Nature of Turbulence and the Discovery of a Criterion for the Transition from Laminar to Turbulent Flow

    The Application of Dimensional Analysis to Pipe Flow

    Zagarola and the Superpipe

    Flow in Artificially Roughened Pipes

    Flow Losses in Commercial Pipes

    Pumping Power to Maintain a Pipe Flow

    Computation of Power Required in a Non-Uniform Duct

    Hydraulic Calculations for Simple Conduits and Flow Loops

    Steady Flow through an Elastic Tube

    Steady Compressible Flow

    Introductory Remarks

    Thermodynamics of Fluids

    The Equations of Steady One-Dimensional Flow

    On the Propagation of Disturbances

    The Speed of Sound

    On the Maximum Speed of a Fluid Expanding into a Vacuum

    Discrepancies between Theory and Experiment

    Total Conditions in a Compressible Flow - Introduction to Mach Number

    Application - Temperature Rise at the Nose of a Re-Entry Vehicle

    Necessary Conditions for Accelerating a Flow in an Ideal Nozzle

    Isentropic Flow through a de Laval Nozzle

    The Appearance of Shock Waves in a Convergent-Divergent Nozzle

    Normal Shock Waves

    On the Structure of Shock Waves

    Analysis of Flow through a de Laval Nozzle with Shock Waves

    Fanno Processes

    Isothermal Flow

    The Inflow Problem

    Non-Steady Flow


    Analysis of Starting Flow in a Pipe Supplied by an Infinite Reservoir

    Non-Steady Liquid Flow through an Orifice in a Reservoir

    The Draining of a Conical Reservoir

    On the Notion of Characteristics

    Theory of Hyperbolic Equations for Functions of Two Independent Variables

    The General Equations for One-Dimensional Non-Steady Gas Flow in a Constant-Area Duct

    Impulsive Motion of a Piston in a Duct

    Propagation of an Isentropic Finite-Amplitude Compression Pulse

    An Approach to Acoustics

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