5th Edition

A Reader's Guide to Contemporary Literary Theory

    314 Pages
    by Routledge

    Reflecting the continuing change and development in modern literary theory, the key features of this book includes its clarity, brevity, equal coverage of the main literary theories and useful bibliographies of further reading.

    Literature students will find its clearly defined sections easy to navigate and whilst avoiding over-simplification, it makes a complex subject accessible.

    -Accesible, easy to use guide
    C-onsiders 'New Aestheticism' and engages with the ideas of 'Post-Theory'
    -Contains extensive guides to further reading, web and electronic resources to ensure the quality of students' research
    -A glossary defines key theoretical and critical terms
    -Contains a guide to relevant journals

    New to this Edition
    -Coverage of 'new aestheticism'
    -Updated and expanded Derrida section
    -More historical context included in the introduction
    -Marxism section to include updated material on Benjamin
    -Postcolonial section updated and expanded
    -Annotated reading lists, including web and electronic resources
    -New glossary of terms
    -Updated and expanded further reading section

    Preface to the Fifth Edition.  Introduction.    1. New Criticism, moral formalism and F. R. Leavis  2. Russian formalism and the Bakhtin school  3. Reader-oriented theories  4. Structuralist theories  5. Marxist theories  6. Feminist theories  7. Poststructuralist theories  8. Postmodernist theories  9. Postcolonialist theories  10. Gay, lesbian and queer theories  Conclusion: Post-Theory.  Appendix 1: Recommended glossaries of theoretical and critical terms and concepts.  Appendix 2: Literary, critical and cultural theory journals.  Index


    Raman Selden is late Professor of English at the University of Sunderland.

    Peter Widdowson is Professor of Literary Studies at the University of Gloucestershire. His most recent books include: Literature (1999); The Palgrave Guide to English Literature and its Contexts 1500–2000 (2004); and Graham Swift (2005).

    Peter Brooker is Professor of Literary and Cultural Studies at the University of Nottingham. He is the author most recently of  Modernity and Metropolis. Literature, Film and Urban Formations (2002); Bohemiain London. The Social Scene of Early Modernism (2004); and A Glossary of Cultural Theory (second edition, 2002). He is co-editor of Geographies of Modernism (2005) and co-founder of ‘The Modernist Magazines Project’.

    "The best of the many guides to literary theory that are currently available. Widdowson and Brooker chart a clear and comprehensively documented path through the full range of what is best in contemporary literary theory…indispensable for all students of literature…An impressive achievement!"
    --John Drakakis, Stirling University, UK

    "This Guide is as stimulating and instructive an introduction to [literary theory] as any reader might wish for."
    John Kenny, Centre for the Study of Human Settlement and Historical Change, National University of Ireland, Galway