1st Edition

A Search for Synthesis in Economic Theory

    First published in 1986. Since the late 1960s the seeming inability of traditional monetary and fiscal policies to combat " stagflation" and address other macroeconomic issues has accelerated the erosion of confidence in the prevailing economic paradigm , the " neoclassical synthesis." * Dissensions among the members of the economics profession on both sides of the Atlantic have grown in number. By the 1970s, a majority of economists had recognized a " crisis" in economic theory. Parallel to this development, a crisis has also emerged in the Marxian camp. This volume is a discussion from the various schools of thought around three of the salient common grounds follows: the theory of a monetary economy, the disequilibrium foundations of a general equilibrium theory, and a rekindled interest in institutional factors.

    Introduction, Contemporary Reinterpretations of Classicism, Contemporary Reinterpretations of the Neoclassical Synthesis, Contemporary Reinterpretations of Post-Keynesianism, The Widening Common Ground in Economic Analysis


    Ching-Yao Hsieh is Professor o f Economics at George Washington University. He is the author (with J. Aschiem) of Macroeconomics Income and Monetary Theory and A Short Introduction to Modern Growth Theory. Stephen L. Mangum is Assistant Professor in the Faculty of Management and Human Resources, The Ohio State University. He is the coauthor of The Lingering Crisis of Youth