2nd Edition

A Short Guide to Fraud Risk Fraud Resistance and Detection

By Martin Samociuk, Nigel Iyer Copyright 2010
    196 Pages
    by Routledge

    by Routledge

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    A Short Guide to Fraud Risk is for: * anyone who needs to better understand fraud risks, either company-wide, or in a specific business unit; * directors and managers who would like to add value by building fraud resistance into their organization and to demonstrate to shareholders, regulators or other stakeholders that they are managing fraud risks, rather than just reacting to incidents; * regulators, auditors and compliance professionals who need to assess the effectiveness of an organisation's fraud prevention measures. The book gives a concise but thorough introduction to the risk of fraud based on a six-element strategy. It includes practical steps to assess and treat fraud risks across an organisation, including those relating to executive directors. It also provides practical steps to develop fraud awareness across an organisation and how to implement an effective fraud detection and incident management program. The application of the principles is illustrated with example documents and numerous case studies aimed at assisting the reader to implement either individual elements or a complete fraud risk management strategy.

    Contents: Foreword; Managing fraud risk; Developing an anti-fraud culture; Assessing fraud risk; Treating fraud risk; Detecting fraud; Managing incidents; Measuring fraud resistance; References.


    Nigel Iyer is a practitioner in fraud and corruption risk management with an emphasis on proactive prevention. Martin Samociuk was also a practitioner in fraud and corruption risk management. Both have extensive practical experience in this field in most parts of the world. The authors founded the Hibis Group (www.hibis.com), a consultancy specializing in helping organisations improve their resistance to fraud. They co-authored 'Fraud and Corruption: Prevention and Detection', published by Gower. Martin Samociuk was co-author of 'Fraud Resistance: a Practical Guide' published by Standards Australia. He was also a contributing author to the book 'The Protection of Computer Software: Technology and Applications' published by Cambridge University Press on behalf of the British Computer Society, and the 'Computer Security Reference Book' published by Butterworth Heinemann. Nigel Iyer is co-author of 'Fraud Resistance: a Practical Guide', and the author of a management novel 'The Tightrope'. He is currently developing a number of new dramatic productions and training films and is a Partner in the Septia Group (www.septiagroup.com). Helenne Doody is a fraud risk management specialist. She trained as a Chartered Accountant at PricewaterhouseCoopers', working for seven years in their Forensic Services team both in the UK and Australia. She then worked in industry for a year as an internal auditor focusing on risk and internal control before becoming a specialist within the Chartered Institute of Management Accountancy's (CIMA) Innovation and Development department.

    '...It is a fascinating book, showing how easy it may be for employees, customers, clients and consultants to commit fraud, and how easy it may be to prevent this. It is a book that anyone working in procurement or supply chain management should read and ponder...It’s a well-written book, clear, concise and well-structured and it should be on every manager’s shelf (and for that matter, every employee’s shelf, too).' - Supply Chain Risk 'Superfunds readers would be familiar with the talents and writing skills of the authors...A Short Guide to Fraud Risk is an ideal introduction to the subject in easily accessible language...Each chapter takes one part of the topic, puts it in context, gives examples and concludes with a brief summary of the key points...' - Robert Hodge, ASFA's principal policy adviser and Superfunds technical editor 'This is a welcome bite-sized book that deserves the widest readership.' - Mark Rowe, Professional Security Magazine 'There are useful tips on methodology and the excellent point that engaging with employees to shape risk profiles is better than depending on an outside agency...It is also good to see a section on the impact of the media...Overall, the guide offers useful introductory advice that most readers, regardless of their level of knowledge, can learn from. As well as useful introduction, it stimulates a desire to seek out more detailed information on managing fraud risk.' - Steven Jackson, National Fraud Controller for Zurich Insurance, Risk Management Professional '...I would recommend it to anyone working in my business. Some of the managers I know would greatly benefit from reading it!' - Emilie Pons, Head of Valuations, Nomura International Plc