1st Edition

A Short History of British Psychology 1840-1940

By L.S. Hearnshaw Copyright 1964
    346 Pages
    by Routledge

    346 Pages
    by Routledge

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    Originally published in 1964, the story of the development of psychology in Great Britain had never been told. In the 1840s, when John Stuart Mill wrote about ‘Psychology’ in his treatise on Logic, the word was hardly known to the British public. Today the subject is taught in nearly every university, and psychologists are professionally employed by many public bodies.

    The British contribution to the dramatic rise of psychology was an exceptionally important one, and had been shamefully neglected not only by the public but by British psychologists themselves. The tendency at the time to regard the subject through American spectacles distorted the role of British pioneers. Significant British contributions had been almost completely forgotten – those of Carpenter, Lewes, Spalding and Lubbock for example – and the work of men such as Hughlings Jackson and Romanes had been greatly undervalued. Not the least important feature of the book is its reassessment of the work of many individuals.

    In relating the rise of psychology and its application to concomitant developments in medicine, physiology, biology, sociology, anthropology and statistics and to changes in the prevailing philosophic climate, the author shows psychology to be an integral part of the scientific, intellectual and social history of the past century.

    Preface.  1. Bain and his Background  2. Physiological and Abnormal Psychology to 1875  3. Evolution and Psychology  4. Galton and the Beginning of Psychometrics  5. Developments in Neurology and Neurophysiology  6. The Rise of Comparative Psychology  7. The Foundations of Social Psychology  8. Changes in Philosophical Climate  9. Systematic Psychology at the Turn of the Century  10. Abnormal Psychology from 1875 to 1914  11. Experimental and Institutional Beginnings  12. William McDougall (1871-1945)  13. The London School  14. British Psychology between the Wars  15. Applied Psychology.  Select Bibliography.  Index of Names.  Index of Topics.


    L. S. Hearnshaw