2nd Edition

A Short History of English Literature

By Harry Blamires Copyright 2013

    First published in 2012. This work of introduction is designed to escort the reader through some six centuries of English literature. It begins in the fourteenth century at the point at which the language written in our country is recognizably our own, and ends in the 1950s. It is a compact survey, summing up the substance and quality of the individual achievements that make up our literature. The aim is to leave the reader informed about each writer’s main output, sensitive to the special character of his gifts, and aware of his place in the story of our literature as a whole.

    Preface to the edition of 1984 1 The fourteenth century 2 Fifteenth-century poetry and prose 3 The early sixteenth century 4 Elizabethan drama 5 Jacobean drama 6 Elizabethan poetry 7 Metaphysical and Cavalier poetry 8 Elizabethan and seventeenth-century prose 9 Milton to Dryden 10 Restoration drama 11 Origins of the novel 12 The age of Swift and Pope 13 The age of Johnson 14 The eighteenth-century novel 15 The close of the eighteenth century 16 Wordsworth and the Romantics 17 Scott and contemporary novelists 18 Victorian poetry 19 The Victorian novel 20 Twentieth-century drama 21 Twentieth-century poetry 22 The twentieth-century novel


    Harry Blamires