1st Edition

A Study of the Urban Poetics of Frank O’Hara

    238 Pages
    by Routledge

    238 Pages
    by Routledge

    Focusing on the poetry and cultural practice of Frank O’Hara, the great urban poet of the New York School during the 1950s and 1960s, this books explores the interwoven relationship between his urban poetics and the urban culture of New York, seeking to shed light on poetic concept and its cultural relevance.

    The poetry of Frank O’Hara is deeply rooted in and nourished by his urban experience as a metropolitan and an active participant in the vibrant cultural scene of New York. Therefore, an investigation into the interactive dynamics between his poetry and the urban culture he helped shape serves as a starting point for further study on the literary representation of European and American urban culture. Across eight chapters, the authors look into the genesis, theoretical constitution, the interface with culture and aesthetics of O’Hara’s urban poetics and also their philosophical foundations, literary ethics, special expression and representation as well as his reception of modernity and postmodernity.

    The title will appeal to scholars, students and general readers interested in American literature, poetry and urban culture, especially Frank O’Hara and the New York School.

    1. The Origin of Frank O'Hara's Urban Poetics 2. Theoretical Basis of Frank O'Hara's Urban Poetics 3. The Culture of Frank O'Hara's Urban Poetics 4. The Aesthetics of Frank O'Hara's Urban Poetics 5. Philosophy in Frank O'Hara's Urban Poetics 6. Literary Ethics in Frank O'Hara's Urban Poetics 7. Space in Frank O'Hara's Urban Poetics 8. Modernity, Postmodernity, and Last Words


    Wang Xiaoling is Professor of English at Shanghai International Studies University, China. Her research is primarily focused on contemporary American literature and cultural studies.

    Wang Yuzhi is an associate professor at East China Normal University, China, specializing in English and American literature.

    Zheng Mingyuan is an associate professor at North China University of Water Resources and Electric Power, China, specializing in Western culture and literature.