3rd Edition

A Text Atlas of Nail Disorders Techniques in Investigation and Diagnosis

    Like its predecessors, Text Atlas of Nail Disorders, third edition is destined to become an invaluable diagnostic tool. The authors comprehensively cover pathologies affecting the toe and finger nails. They profile each pathology, from common to rare disorders, and support them with extensive color photographs. This latest edition contains new material on podiatry and investigation techniques including histopathology, ultrasonography and MRI, and dermatoscopy making this an invaluable diagnosis aid for dermatologists and podiatrists.

    1. Science of the Nail Apparatus 2. Nail Configuration Abnormalities 3. Modifications of Nail Surface 4. Nail Plate and Soft Tissue Abnormalities 5. Periungual Tissue Disorders 6. Nail Consistency 7. Nail Colour Changes (Chromonychia) 8. Onychomycosis and its Treatment 9. Traumatic Disorders of the Nail 10. Histopathology of Common Nail Conditions 11. Ultrasonography and Magnetic Resonance Imaging of the Perionychium 12. Dermatoscopy of Nail Pigmentation 13. Treatment of Common Nail Disorders


    Baran, Robert; Bristow, Ivan; Dawber, Rodney P. R.; Haneke, Ekart; Tosti, Antonella

    'One of the best features of this book is the collection of superb colour photographs... This approachable, well-organised text is an excellent introduction to the complex and often neglected world of nail diseases.' - The Lancet (of the second edition)