3rd Edition

A User's Guide to the View Camera Third Edition

By Jim Stone Copyright 2016
    176 Pages
    by Routledge

    176 Pages
    by Routledge

    This reissued third edition of A User’s Guide to View Camera introduces photographers to large-format cameras, covering their use with both film and digital capture. Readers will learn the anatomy of cameras with a separately adjustable back or front, the proper techniques for using view cameras, and how to take care of large-format cameras—all through straightforward and practical instruction and abundant visual examples. This latest edition features:

    • Practical approaches to mastering lenses, shutters, accessories, and the ever-important maintenance of your view camera

    • Tips for both simple operation and advanced control of the camera, including film holders, bellows, and tripods, and film handling and development

    • A section on digital equipment, offering updates on the nearly 200-year-long history of the view camera

    1. Introduction. 2. The Camera. 3. Using Your Camera. 4. Film and Development. 5. Lenses and Shutters. 6. Cameras. 7. More About Lenses. 8. Accessories and Options. 9. Maintenance.


    Jim Stone is a professor of Photography at the University of New Mexico and the author of several monographs and educational books on photography, including those he co-authored with Barbara London (Photography, A Short Course in Photography: Film and Darkroom, A Short Course in Photography: Digital). His photographs have been exhibited and published internationally and are in the permanent collections of major museums.