1st Edition

A Wall Street Guidebook for Journalism and Strategic Communication

By Alecia Swasy Copyright 2020
    164 Pages
    by Routledge

    164 Pages
    by Routledge

    A Wall Street Guidebook for Journalism and Strategic Communication provides media professionals with the savvy they need to navigate the world of finance and money. Intimidated by the numbers and math involved in the corporate world? This book is for you.

    Author Alecia Swasy, a former reporter at the Wall Street Journal, leads readers through case studies that provide real-world insight into how Wall Street operates and how to best approach the world of money and finance. Swasy breaks down essential skills like how to read key financial statements, find and interpret key data on companies and employ that research in crafting compelling stories and messages for both readers and clients. The book also covers topics like the scorekeepers and watchdogs of Wall Street, the Securities and Exchange Commission, how to avoid illegal activity in reporting and research, understanding mergers and acquisitions, and the history and current state of Wall Street.

    This book is for students and professionals alike – whether in corporate communication, public relations or journalism – who want to gain the financial literacy necessary to succeed in today’s competitive marketplace.

    An online guide for professors includes discussion questions, assignments and time-tested pedagogical and classroom management tips: please visit www.routledge.com/9780367348069.

    1. Covering Corporate America

    2. Understanding the Financial Fine Print

    3. A Few Bumps – and Crashes on the Digital Highway

    4. Putting a Face on More Numbers

    5. Digging Deeper Into Data and Documents

    6. Strategic Communication: Promoting Corporations and Causes

    7. Ethics and Common Sense

    8. Don’t Be Stupid: Understanding Securities Laws 

    9. A Brave New Media World 

    10. Advice From the Pros: Be Curious, Concise and Caffeinated


    Alecia Swasy is the Donald W. Reynolds Chair in Business Journalism at Washington & Lee University. Swasy earned her Ph.D. from the University of Missouri after working for more than two decades as an editor and reporter at the Wall Street Journal, Tampa Bay Times and other publications.

    Swasy is the author of Soap Opera: The Inside Story of Procter & Gamble and Changing Focus: Kodak and the Battle to Save a Great American Company, both published by Times Books. How Journalists Use Twitter: The Changing Landscape of U.S. Newsrooms, based on Swasy’s dissertation, was published by Lexington Books.

    "A Wall Street Guidebook should be essential reading for every aspiring reporter in America. Money is at the heart of almost everything we write about, politics, business, sports, crime and often even love. Alecia Swasy's book is a page turner. She covers the basics of business reporting and so much more thanks to the rare access she had to the country's top business reporters and editors."

    Susanne Craig, investigative reporter for the New York Times and winner of the Pulitzer Prize for coverage of the Trump family’s business empire.