1st Edition

A-Z of Digital Research Methods

By Catherine Dawson Copyright 2020
    424 Pages
    by Routledge

    424 Pages
    by Routledge

    This accessible, alphabetical guide provides concise insights into a variety of digital research methods, incorporating introductory knowledge with practical application and further research implications. A-Z of Digital Research Methods provides a pathway through the often-confusing digital research landscape, while also addressing theoretical, ethical and legal issues that may accompany each methodology.

    Dawson outlines 60 chapters on a wide range of qualitative and quantitative digital research methods, including textual, numerical, geographical and audio-visual methods. This book includes reflection questions, useful resources and key texts to encourage readers to fully engage with the methods and build a competent understanding of the benefits, disadvantages and appropriate usages of each method.

    A-Z of Digital Research Methods is the perfect introduction for any student or researcher interested in digital research methods for social and computer sciences.



    1. Agent-based modelling and simulation
    2. Audio analysis
    3. Big data analytics
    4. Business analytics
    5. Cluster analysis
    6. Coding and retrieval
    7. Computer modelling and simulation
    8. Computer-assisted interviewing
    9. Computer-assisted qualitative data analysis software (CAQDAS)
    10. Data analytics
    11. Data collection and conversion
    12. Data mining
    13. Data visualisation
    14. Digital ethnography
    15. Digital storytelling
    16. Digital visual methods
    17. Educational data mining
    18. Ethno-mining
    19. Eye-tracking research
    20. Game analytics
    21. Geospatial analysis
    22. HR analytics
    23. Information retrieval
    24. Learning analytics
    25. Link analysis
    26. Live audience response
    27. Location awareness and location tracking
    28. Log file analysis
    29. Machine learning
    30. Mobile diaries
    31. Mobile ethnography
    32. Mobile methods
    33. Mobile phone interviews
    34. Mobile phone surveys
    35. Online analytical processing
    36. Online collaboration tools
    37. Online ethnography
    38. Online experiments
    39. Online focus groups
    40. Online interviews
    41. Online observation
    42. Online panel research
    43. Online questionnaires
    44. Online research communities
    45. Predictive modelling
    46. Qualitative comparative analysis
    47. Research gamification
    48. Researching digital objects
    49. Sensor-based methods
    50. Smartphone app-based research
    51. Smartphone questionnaires
    52. Social media analytics
    53. Social network analysis
    54. Spatial analysis and modelling
    55. Video analysis
    56. Virtual world analysis
    57. Wearables-based research
    58. Web and mobile analytics
    59. Webometrics
    60. Zoning and zone mapping


    Catherine Dawson is a freelance researcher and writer specialising in the use and teaching of research methods. She has taught research methods courses at universities in the UK, completed a variety of research projects using qualitative, quantitative and mixed methods approaches, and written extensively on research methods and techniques.