1st Edition

AACR2 and Serials The American View

By Neal Edgar Copyright 1983

    In this important and scholarly book nearly two dozen American librarians discuss the difficulties created by AACR2 with regard to bibliographic control and management of serials in libraries.

    Contents Introduction
    • I. Foundations
    • Cataloging Theory and Serials
    • Mutating the Genome
    • A Comparison of Cataloging Codes for Serials: AACR2 and Its Predecessors
    • II. Public Service
    • The Periodical, the Patron, and AACR1
    • AACR2 From an Information Scientist’s Point of View
    • III. Cataloging Rules and Special Cases
    • AACR2 and Series
    • AACR2 and Serial Cataloging: Is There Any Need for Alarm?
    • The Effect of AACR2 and Serials Cataloging on Medium-Sized Research Libraries
    • Serial Cataloging Under AACR2: Differences and Difficulties at the National Library of Medicine
    • Art Sales and Exhibitions: The New Era of Bibliographic Control
    • IV. By-Products of Cataloging
    • The Impact of AACR2 on Union Lists of Serials
    • AACR2 Serial Records and the User
    • V. Serials Management
    • Serials Departments and AACR2
    • Serials Management and AACR2 in Large Academic Libraries
    • AACR2 and the Small Academic Library
    • AACR2 and Serials Management
    • AACR2 Serials Cataloging and Management: Concerns in Academic Libraries
    • Index


    Neal L. Edgar