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AAP Research Notes on Nanoscience and Nanotechnology

About the Series

AAP Research Notes on Nanoscience & Nanotechnology reports on research development in the field of nanoscience and nanotechnology for academic institutes and industrial sectors interested in advanced research.

Editorial Board:

Georges Geuskens, PhD

Professor Emeritus, Department of Chemistry and Polymers, Universite de Libre de Brussel, Belgium

Vladimir I. Kodolov, DSc

Professor and Head, Department of Chemistry and Chemical Technology, M. I. Kalashnikov Izhevsk State Technical University, Izhevsk, Russia

Victor Manuel de Matos Lobo, PhD

Professor, Coimbra University, Coimbra, Portugal

Richard A. Pethrick, PhD, DSc

Research Professor and Professor Emeritus, Department of Pure and Applied Chemistry, University of Strathclyde, Glasgow, Scotland, UK

Mathew Sebastian, MD

Senior Consultant Surgeon, Elisabethinen Hospital, Klagenfurt, Austria; Austrian Association for Ayurveda

Charles Wilkie, PhD

Professor, Polymer and Organic Chemistry, Marquette University, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA

9 Series Titles

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Advances in Nanotechnology and the Environmental Sciences Applications, Innovations, and Visions for the Future

Advances in Nanotechnology and the Environmental Sciences: Applications, Innovations, and Visions for the Future

1st Edition

Edited By Alexander V. Vakhrushev, Suresh C. Ameta, Heru Susanto, A. K. Haghi
July 22, 2019

Showcasing a selection of new research on nanotechnological applications for environmental protection along with new advanced technologies in nanochemistry, this volume presents an interdisciplinary approach that brings together materials science, chemistry, and nanotechnology. Part I of the volume...

Chemical Nanoscience and Nanotechnology New Materials and Modern Techniques

Chemical Nanoscience and Nanotechnology: New Materials and Modern Techniques

1st Edition

Edited By Francisco Torrens, A. K. Haghi, Tanmoy Chakraborty
August 13, 2019

This new volume presents a wealth of practical experience and research on new methodologies and important applications in chemical nanotechnology. It also includes small-scale nanotechnology-related projects that have potential applications in several disciplines of chemistry and nanotechnology. In...

Carbon Nanotubes and Nanoparticles Current and Potential Applications

Carbon Nanotubes and Nanoparticles: Current and Potential Applications

1st Edition

Edited By Alexander V. Vakhrushev, Vladimir I. Kodolov, A. K. Haghi, Suresh C. Ameta
April 03, 2019

This new volume looks at significant new research, methodologies, and applications in the fields of carbon nanotubes and nanoparticles. It explores a variety of new developments in advanced carbon nanotubes and nanoparticles along with the tools to characterize and predict their properties and ...

Engineered Carbon Nanotubes and Nanofibrous Material Integrating Theory and Technique

Engineered Carbon Nanotubes and Nanofibrous Material: Integrating Theory and Technique

1st Edition

Edited By A. K. Haghi, Praveen K.M., Sabu Thomas
November 07, 2018

Carbon nanotubes, with their extraordinary engineering properties, have garnered much attention in the past 10 years. Because of the broad range of potential applications, the scientific community is more motivated than ever to move beyond basic properties and explore the real issues associated ...

Foundations of Nanotechnology, Volume Three Mechanics of Carbon Nanotubes

Foundations of Nanotechnology, Volume Three: Mechanics of Carbon Nanotubes

1st Edition

By Saeedeh Rafiei
May 08, 2015

In this research notes book, the modelling of mechanical properties of CNT/polymer nanocomposites is presented. The book begins with the structural and intrinsic mechanical properties of CNTs and then introduces computational methods that have been applied to polymer nanocomposites, covering from ...

Foundations of Nanotechnology, Volume Two Nanoelements Formation and Interaction

Foundations of Nanotechnology, Volume Two: Nanoelements Formation and Interaction

1st Edition

By Sabu Thomas, Saeedeh Rafiei, Shima Maghsoodlou, Arezo Afzali
October 24, 2014

The collection of topics in this book reflects the diversity of recent advances in nanoelements formation and interactions in nanosystems with a broad perspective that is useful for scientists as well as for graduate students and engineers. One of the main tasks in making nanocomposites is ...

Foundations of Nanotechnology, Volume One Pore Size in Carbon-Based Nano-Adsorbents

Foundations of Nanotechnology, Volume One: Pore Size in Carbon-Based Nano-Adsorbents

1st Edition

By A. K. Haghi, Sabu Thomas, Moein MehdiPour MirMahaleh
September 25, 2014

This volume covers a wide range of adsorption activities of porous carbon (PC), CNTs, and carbon nano structures that have been employed so far for the removal of various pollutants from water, wastewater, and organic compounds. The low cost, high efficiency, simplicity, and ease in the upscaling ...

Nanostructures, Nanomaterials, and Nanotechnologies to Nanoindustry

Nanostructures, Nanomaterials, and Nanotechnologies to Nanoindustry

1st Edition

Edited By Vladimir I. Kodolov, Gennady Efremovich Zaikov, A. K. Haghi
June 09, 2014

Nanosturctures, Nanomaterials, and Nanotechnologies to Nanoindustry presents the most important information about new trends in nanochemistry and nanotechnology as well as in nanobiology and nanomedicine. It covers the obtaining and manufacturing of nanostructures, nanomaterial science, ...

Nanostructure, Nanosystems, and Nanostructured Materials Theory, Production and Development

Nanostructure, Nanosystems, and Nanostructured Materials: Theory, Production and Development

1st Edition

Edited By P. M. Sivakumar, Vladimir I. Kodolov, Gennady Efremovich Zaikov, A. K. Haghi
September 25, 2013

This book provides valuable information on the new class of nanostructures—metal/carbon nanocomposites—and discusses new methods of their synthesis, properties, and applications. It covers computer prognosis, including quantum chemical modeling, for metal/carbon nanocomposites synthesis processing ...

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