1st Edition

AI in Health A Leader’s Guide to Winning in the New Age of Intelligent Health Systems

By Tom Lawry Copyright 2020
    222 Pages 10 B/W Illustrations
    by HIMSS Publishing

    222 Pages 10 B/W Illustrations
    by HIMSS Publishing

    222 Pages 10 B/W Illustrations
    by HIMSS Publishing

    We are in the early stages of the next big platform shift in healthcare computing. Fueled by Artificial Intelligence (AI) and the Cloud, this shift is already transforming the way health and medical services are provided.

    As the industry transitions from static digital repositories to intelligent systems, there will be winners and losers in the race to innovate and automate the provision of services. Critical to success will be the role leaders play in shaping the use of AI to be less "artificial" and more "intelligent" in support of improving processes to deliver care and keep people healthy and productive across all care settings.

    This book defines key technical, process, people, and ethical issues that need to be understood and addressed in successfully planning and executing an enterprise-wide AI plan. It provides clinical and business leaders with a framework for moving organizations from the aspiration to execution of intelligent systems to improve clinical, operational, and financial performance.

    Preface and Acknowledgements. Author. 1 The Future Is Not What It Used to Be. 2 The Rise of the Intelligent Health Consumer. 3 AI Is One Thing and Many Things. 4 From Gods to Geeks – A Brief History of AI. 5 Do Submarines Swim? 6 Creating Value Today with AI. 7 The Leadership Imperative. 8 When AI Meets HR. 9 Engaging Your Clinicians. 10 Making Radiologists More Rad. 11 Understanding and Managing the Ethics of AI. 12 The Role of the Cloud in AI. 13 Manage Your Data Estate Like Your Finances. 14 The Importance of Intelligent HIT Vendors. 15 From Aspiration to Execution. 16 The Road Ahead for AI. Index.


    Tom Lawry is a strategic advisor to health leaders worldwide and is the best-selling author of Hacking Healthcare – How AI and the Intelligence Revolution will Reboot an Ailing System.

    In a Harris Poll of more than 3,000 attendees of the 2023 JP Morgan Health Conference, Tom was named as one of the most recognized leaders driving change and engagement in healthcare today.[i]

    Tom is the Managing Director of Second Century Technology and a former Microsoft executive where he served as National Director of AI for Health and Life Sciences, Director of Worldwide Health, and Director of Organizational Performance for the company’s first health incubator. Prior to Microsoft, Tom was a Senior Director at GE Healthcare, the founder of two venture-backed healthcare software companies, and a health system executive.

     Tom is well-published and a sought-after keynote speaker in the United States, Western Europe, and the Middle East. His work and views have been featured in Forbes, CNET, NEJM, Inside Precision Medicine, and numerous webcasts and podcasts in the health, medical, and business media.

    "Practical, insightful and a page turning read. Tom makes short work of the much-hyped topic of artificial intelligence, drawing on decades of experience to find the pattern between a series of case studies. This no nonsense book is a must read primer for those working in the healthcare system seeking to understand the impact of AI for the sector, or those entrepreneurial thinkers looking for the business opportunities this revolution will create."

    - Dr. Simon Kos, CEO, Next Practices and former Chief Medical Officer, Microsoft


    "Tom Lawry’s new book, "Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare - A Leader’s Guide to Winning in the Age of Intelligent Healthcare Systems" will be landing on real and virtual bookshelves in hospitals and health systems at a most opportune time. After a long incubation period and much hand-wringing about potential downsides of AI, the field is now ready for prime time in healthcare. Leaders in every aspect of the industry will find practical guidance in this concise and well-written book. That includes a clear and comprehensive breakdown of the many different technologies that comprise AI as well as a discussion of the myriad opportunities to leverage AI to improve not only clinical outcomes but workflows and processes in the many support functions that make a healthcare system work. The book will definitely help them cut through the morass of incomplete and sometimes conflicting information on AI and position themselves to lead the Intelligent Health Systems of the future…systems that will be powered by AI. I highly recommend this book."

    - Dr. Patricia Salber, CEO, The Doctor Weighs In


    "There is perhaps nothing is more profound than the impact AI will have on how healthcare is delivered in the future. In his new book, Artificial Intelligence in Health - A Leader’s Guide to Winning in the New Age of Intelligent Systems, Tom shares wisdom that comes from a lifetime of experience as a business leader and technologist in the health industry. He has traveled the globe gathering insights from some of the world’s most gifted experts. He examines how AI is being used in healthcare today, as well as where this powerful tech will take us in the future. There are both challenges and opportunities for AI in healthcare and Tom carefully examines both sides of the equation."

    - Dr. Bill Crounse, CIO, CMIO, Senior Director, Worldwide Heath, Microsoft Corporation (retired).



    "Mr Lawry’s book is a sensitively written analysis of the opportunities to use AI in healthcare whilst avoiding the pitfalls and the hype. He takes the reader through the key concepts and applies them to healthcare as only an expert in the three fields of health, technology and analytics can. Many people will be familiar with the background to the AI in health story and will struggle to know where to start and end their work. If you want to get the benefits of AI, then this book is for you. It will tell you want good looks like and how to navigate ethics, build a workforce, create new operating models and apply disruptive thinking. I loved it."

    - Paul Henderson, Regional Director EMIS Health, (UK)