1st Edition

AIDS Capitation

By David A Cherin Copyright 1999
    116 Pages
    by Routledge

    116 Pages
    by Routledge

    Discover effective strategies for AIDS healthcare!

    You’ll definitely want to see what’s documented inside AIDS Capitation if you’re affiliated in any way with current efforts to bolster and improve healthcare policies and procedures for AIDS victims and their families. With this scholarly, up-to-date guidebook, you’ll find that your awareness and knowledge base concerning contemporary AIDS healthcare issues will expand and diversify, giving you a more stable information base from which you can make your own policy changes and civic organization improvements.

    If you’re a practitioner in HIV/AIDS care, an academic in HIV/AIDS research, or one of the many public officials currently involved in healthcare reform, you’ll find the guidance and proven strategies you need in AIDS Capitation.

    AIDS Capitation gives you a broad range of information including:

    • descriptive and evaluative aspects of the model of care
    • directions for implementing an innovative model of terminal home care
    • modalities of care in end-stage treatment
    • measurement issues in evaluative research
    • help in measuring outcomes in community-based care
    • funding opportunities

      Without a doubt, the onset of HIV/AIDS has changed the way we view life. Our schools, government offices, and healthcare venues must change also. AIDS Capitation has everything you need to begin that process of change in your community.

    Contents Editorial
    • A National Program of Innovative AIDS Care Projects and Their Evaluations
    •  The Transprofessional Model: Blending Intents in Terminal Care of AIDS
    • Evaluation of the Transprofessional Model of Home Health Care for HIV/AIDS
    • A Typology of Service Patterns in End-Stage AIDS Care: Relationships to the Transprofessional Model
    • Qualitative Issues Related to the Transprofessional Model of End-Stage AIDS Care
    • HIV Healthcare Delivery and Managed Care: Applications and Implications from the Special Projects of National Significance Program
    • Index


    David A. Cherin