5th Edition

AS Law

ISBN 9781843924173
Published December 15, 2011 by Willan
372 Pages

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Book Description

This latest edition of AS Law has been fully updated to meet the requirements of the most recent changes to the specifications of both AQA and OCR examination boards. This title

  • is tailored to the NEW four-module specifications for both AQA and OCR (although also suitable for the existing six-module specifications) 
  • includes a new chapter on Contract as part of the section on The Concept of Liability
  • contains coverage of recent legal changes includes the effects of the Constitutional Reform Act 2005, especially concerning appointment of judges and the role of senior officers, such as the Lord Chancellor; reform of the powers of the police; recent statutes and cases particularly useful in preparing for questions involving judicial precedent and statutory interpretation.
  • is written by authors who are experienced teachers, writers and examiners for AS/A-level law.

Table of Contents

Part 1: Law-making: sources of law in the English legal system 1. European Law Introduction Development of the European Union European institutions Legislation created by European law The effects of the European Union on national sovereignty Summary Tasks 2. Domestic legislative processes and institutions The UK Parliament The legislative process Parliamentary supremacy Summary Tasks 3. Delegated legislation The nature of delegated legislation Types of delegated legislation Controlling delegated legislation Summary Tasks 4. Influences upon Parliament and law reform The Law Commission Other aspects of law reform Royal Commissions The Civil Service Political considerations Public opinion Summary Tasks 5. Statutory interpretation The problems of interpreting statutes Presumptions Rules of language Approaches to interpretation and the Human Rights Act The 'rules' of interpretation Aids to interpretation The present-day approach Summary Tasks 6 .The doctrine of judicial precedent Law reporting The hierarchy of courts The House of Lords The Court of Appeal What makes a case important? Avoiding an awkward precedent - how far is a judge bound? Precedent in the lower courts Precedent in the criminal courts Summary Tasks Part 2: Dispute Solving (1): The Machinery of Justice 7. The court structure and appeal routes Original jurisdiction of civil and criminal courts Courts with appellate jurisdiction Civil and criminal processes Bail  Summary Tasks 8. Alternatives to the courts Tribunals Other alternative methods of dispute resolution Summary  Tasks  9. Police powers The balance of detection and protection Powers of stop and search Powers of arrest  Powers of detention and the treatment of suspects at the police station  Summary  Tasks  Part 3: Dispute solving (2): Legal Personnel  10. The legal profession  Barristers  Solicitors  Other professionals  Summary  Tasks  11. Access to justice funding advice and representation  The background  Funding of civil cases  Funding of criminal cases  Summary  Tasks  12. The judges  Inferior judges  Superior judges  The role of the judge and judicial independence  Appointment, training, retirement and removal from office  Judicial independence  Summary  Tasks  13. Lay people in the legal system  Jurors  Magistrates  Summary  Tasks  Part 4: The Concept of Liability  14. Criminal law  Actus reus  Mens rea  Strict liability offences  Coincidence of actus reus and mens rea  Non-fatal offences against the person  Proposals for reform  Summary  Tasks  15. The law of tort  The tort of negligence  Duty of care  Breach of duty  Damage caused  The law of torts and criminal law  Summary  Tasks  16. Contract law  Offer and acceptance  Consideration  Intent to create legal relations  Breach  Summary  Tasks  17. Sanctions and remedies  Sanctions  Remedies  Summary  Tasks  Part 5: Key Skills and Practice in Examination Questions  18. Key skills  19. Source-based exercises  20. Examination advice and practice examination questions  21. Answers guide  Legal resources

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