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ASA Decennial Conference Series: The Uses of Knowledge

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This series consists of books resulting from the Association of Social Anthropologists' Decennial Conference in 1993 which examined the manner in which anthropological knowledge is being shaped by - and is shaping - a new relationship between global and local phenomena.

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Shifting Contexts

Shifting Contexts

1st Edition

Edited By Marilyn Strathern
October 24, 1995

To suppose anthropological analysis can shift between global and local perspectives may well imply that the two co-exist as broader and narrower horizons or contexts of knowledge. The proof for this can be found in ethnographic accounts where contrasts are repeatedly drawn between the encompassing ...

Counterworks Managing the Diversity of Knowledge

Counterworks: Managing the Diversity of Knowledge

1st Edition

Edited By Richard Fardon
October 05, 1995

Globalization is often described as the spread of western culture to other parts of the world. How accurate is the depiction of 'cultural flow'? In Counterworks, ten anthropologists examine the ways in which global processes have affected particular localities where they have carried out research. ...

The Future of Anthropological Knowledge

The Future of Anthropological Knowledge

1st Edition

Edited By Henrietta Moore
April 08, 1996

The Future of Anthropological Knowledge the chapters explore the question of the nature of social knowledge from a variety of perspectives and locations such as China, Africa, the USA and elsewhere. By examining the changing nature of anthropological knowledge and of the production of that ...

The Pursuit of Certainty Religious and Cultural Formulations

The Pursuit of Certainty: Religious and Cultural Formulations

1st Edition

Edited By Wendy James
August 28, 1995

Although the world population faces movement, mixing and displacement on a larger scale than ever before, the result has not been a collapse of boundaries but an increase in the rise of new forms of ethnic, cultural and religious identity. Those based in the highly developed countries can extend ...

Worlds Apart: Modernity Through the Prism of the Local

Worlds Apart: Modernity Through the Prism of the Local

1st Edition

Edited By Daniel Miller
December 22, 1995

Worlds Apart is concerned with one of the new futures of anthropology, namely the advances in technologies which r eate an imagination of new global and local forms. It also analyses studies of the consumption of these forms and attempts to go beyond the assumptions that consumption either ...

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