1st Edition

ASEAN and the Diplomacy of Accommodation

By Michael Antolik Copyright 1990

    This book studies the activities undertaken by the ASEAN states and reflects the inspiration and support of many individuals. The ASEAN phenomenon is about the successful consultative process, the accommodation, that these states used in managing tensions and dealing with external environments.

    1. The Meanings of ASEAN 2. The Core of ASEAN: Malaysia and Indonesia 3. Completing the Core: Singapore 4. The Western Flank: Thailand and the Lower Peninsula 5. The Eastern Flank: The Philippines and Brunei 6. ASEAN Diplomacy: Talking to Each Other 7. ASEAN Diplomacy: Speaking with One Voice 8. ASEAN Diplomacy: Standing Together 9. Conclusions: The ASEAN Aggregate


    Michael Antolik