1st Edition

ASEAN in an Interdependent World Studies in an Interdependent World

Edited By Muzafar Shah Habibullah Copyright 2000

    This title was first published in 2000. This volume contains nine selected applied economic papers presented during the 1999 Faculty of Economics and Management Seminar in Melaka. The articles included focus the studies on trade and finance in Malaysia and other ASEAN member countries.

    1: Exchange Rate and Trade Balance: The Experience Based on Two Neighbouring ASEAN Countries; 2: Causes and Management of Inflation in Malaysia; 3: Saving, Investment and Capital Flows: An Empirical Study on the ASEAN Economies; 4: Labour Skill Content in Manufactures: The Case of Malaysia; 5: Stock Market and Economic Activity: An Application of Toda-Yamamoto Long-Run Causality Test; 6: Real Exchange Rate Volatility and the Malaysian Exports to its Major Trading Partners; 7: Common Stochastic Trends in the ASEAN-5 Equity Markets; 8: ASEAN Currency Crises and Contagion Effects: An Empirical Analysis; 9: ASEAN Industrial Cooperation and Intra-ASEAN Trade: The Malaysian Case


    Muzafar Shah Habibullah