1st Edition

ATM Technology for Broadband Telecommunications Networks

By Abhijit S. Pandya, Ercan Sen Copyright 1999

    This textbook presents all the latest information on all aspects of each important component of ATM - the hottest telecommunications technology of this decade. It demonstrates how ATM internetworks several incompatible telecommunications technologies and provide the high-speed, high bandwidth backbone network that the entire telecom industry is converging toward.

    Current State of Today's Telecommunications Networks
    Why Do We Need Yet Another Telecommunications Standard?
    Market Analysis for ATM Technology
    Possible ATM Deployment Scenarios
    ATM Concepts
    Basic Definitions for ATM Concepts
    ATM Layered Architecture
    ATM Cell Definition
    Cell Switching
    Call Setup
    Service Offerings through ATM Networks
    Internet Service
    Video on Demand
    Video Telephony
    Distant Learning/Medicine
    Integration of Various Access Node Technologies into ATM Networks
    Wireless Networks
    Public Telephone Service Networks
    Data Networks
    Cable-TV Networks
    Integration of Various Transmission Technologies Such as SONET and Frame Relay
    ATM Protocols
    ATM Protocol Stack
    Physical Layer
    ATM Layer
    ATM Adaptation Layer
    Bandwidth Allocation in ATM Networks
    Variable Bandwidth Allocation
    Virtual Path and Virtual Circuit Concepts
    Constant Bit Rate
    Variable Bit Rate
    Switching Architectures for ATM
    Queuing Models for ATM Switching Fabrics
    Routing Models for ATM Switching Fabrics
    Multistage Interconnection Networks (MINs) for ATM Switching Networks
    ATM Network Management: Traffic Enforcement and Traffic Shaping
    Call Admission Control Strategies
    Usage/Network Parameter Control
    Basic Quality of Service Parameters
    Traffic Enforcement Strategies
    Flow Control and Congestion Control
    Reactive versus Predictive Traffic Control Strategies
    Neural Network Based Solutions to Performance Issues in ATM Networks
    Neural Networks Offer Predictive Traffic Control Strategies
    Neural Network Based Call Admission Control
    Neural Network Based Routing Control
    On Going ATM Standardization Activities
    Current ATM Standardization Activities in ATM Forum
    Current ATM Standardization Activities in ITU Organization


    Ercan Sen