1st Edition

Aboriginal Children, History and Health Beyond Social Determinants

Edited By John Boulton Copyright 2016
    270 Pages
    by Routledge

    262 Pages
    by Routledge

    This volume traces the complex reasons behind the disturbing discrepancy between the health and well-being of children in mainstream Australia and those in remote Indigenous communities. Invaluably informed by Boulton’s close working knowledge of Aboriginal communities, the book addresses growth faltering as a crisis of Aboriginal parenting and a continued problem for the Australian nation. The high rate and root causes of ill-health amongst Aboriginal children are explored through a unique synthesis of historical, anthropological, biological and medical analyses. Through this fresh approach, which includes the insights of specialists from a range of disciplines, Aboriginal Children, History and Health provides a thoughtful and innovative framework for considering Indigenous health.

    Foreword (Colin Tatz).


    Part 1 The child in the human story

    Chapter 2 The child and nurture in the human story
    Gaynor Macdonald and John Boulton

    Chapter 3 Childhood in deep human history: The evolutionary origins of human childhood
      Ze’ev Hochberg

    Chapter 4 Traditions of Aboriginal parenting
    Gaynor Macdonald

    Part 2 The child in political history

    Chapter 5 A history of legislation and attitudes towards British, non-Indigenous and Indigenous Australian children
    Rani Kerin

    Chapter 6 The health of Aboriginal Children in Western Australian 1829 – 1960
      Christine Choo

    Part 3  Political and social disruptions to the pre-requisites of parenting

    Chapter 7 Disrupting demography: population collapse and rebound
      John Boulton

    Chapter 8 Coolibah’s Story: Structural violence in the twentieth century
      John Boulton

    Chapter 9 The destruction of food resources at the colonial frontier
      John Boulton

    Part 4 Disorders of Child Growth and Development: a metric of structural violence

    Chapter 10 Growth faltering as a metric of social exclusion and poverty
      John Boulton

    Chapter 11 A model of children’s growth and adaptation to nutritional stress
       Ze’ev Hochberg and John Boulton 

    Part 5 Conclusion

    Chapter 12 Growing up our way: beyond social determinants in the aetiology of growth faltering
       John Boulton

    Chapter 13  Reflections
       John Boulton


    John Boulton is Emeritus Professor of Paediatrics at the University of Newcastle, Australia.

    "Aboriginal Children, History and Health is both an emblematic story of the frontier in northern Australia and a guide to the hidden, persisting causes of indigenous disadvantage... Every sentence of his narrative breathes intellectual curiosity and empathy with his patients in the hectic, highly coloured remote community world."— Nicolas Rothwell, The Australian