1st Edition

About Designing Analysing Design Meetings

Edited By Janet McDonnell, Peter Lloyd Copyright 2009
    434 Pages
    by CRC Press

    434 Pages
    by CRC Press

    The twenty-one contributions to About: Designing draw on a rich variety of methodological positions, research backgrounds and design disciplines including architecture, product design, engineering, applied linguistics, communication studies, cognitive psychology, and discourse studies. Collectively these studies comprise a state-of-the-art overview of design thinking research. About: Designing will be of interest to design researchers at any level, as well as specialists in a broad range of design disciplines and social studies.

    1 Introduction
    Part 1: Understanding Design Processes

    2 Intersections of Brainstorming Rules and Social Order 
    Ben Matthews

    3 Spider Webbing: A Paradigm for Engineering Design Conversations during Concept Generation
    Ade Mabogunje, Ozgur Eris, Neeraj Sonalkar, Malte Jung & Larry Leifer

    4 Co-evolution in Design Practice
    Isabelle Reymen, Kees Dorst & Frido Smulders

    Part 2: Values in Designing

    5 Ethical Imagination and Design 
    Peter Lloyd
    6 The Mechanisms of Value Transfer in Design Meetings 
    Christopher Le Dantec & Ellen Yi-Luen Do

    7 Affect-in-Cognition through the Language of Appraisals 
    Andy Dong, Maaike Kleinsmann & Rianne Valkenburg

    Part 3: Aspects of Design Cognition
    8 Analogical Reasoning and Mental Simulation in Design:  Two Strategies Linked to Uncertainty Resolution 
    Linden J. Ball & Bo T. Christensen

    9 Task, Team, Process: The Development of Shared Representations in an Engineering Design Team 
    Petra Badke-Schaub, Kristina Lauche, Andre Neumann & Saeema Ahmed

    10 Variants and Invariants of Design Cognition 
    Ömer Akın
    Part 4: Design Process Models

    11 The Influence of the Design Task Description on the Course and Outcome of Idea Generation Meetings 
    Kilian Gericke, Michael Schmidt-Kretschmer & Luciënne Blessing

    12 Using the FBS Ontology to Capture Semantic Design Information in Design Protocol Studies 
    Jeff Kan & John Gero

    Part 5: Language, Discourse and Gesture

    13 ‘Does this compromise your design?’ Socially Producing a Design Concept in Talk-in-Interaction 
    Rachael Luck

    14 Collaborative Negotiation in Design: A Study of Design Conversations between Architect and Building Users 
    Janet McDonnell

    15 The Function of Gesture in an Architectural Design Meeting 
    Willemien Visser

    16 Aspects of Language Use in Design Conversation 
    Friedrich Glock

    Part 6: Constructing Roles

    17 Performing Architecture: Talking ‘Architect’ and ‘Client’ into Being 
    Arlene Oak

    18 Behind the Scenes of the Design Theatre: Actors, Roles and the Dynamics of Communication 
    Gabriela Goldschmidt & Doron Eshel

    19 Exploring the Boundaries: Language, Roles and Structures in Cross-Disciplinary Design Teams 
    Robin Adams, Llewellyn Mann, Shawn Jordan & Shanna Daly

    Part 7: Objects, References, Context

    20 From Ronchamp by Sledge: On the Pragmatics of Object References 
    Martin Stacey, Claudia Eckert & Chris Earl

    21 Keeping Traces of Design Meetings through Intermediary Objects 
    Emine Serap Arıkog˘lu, Eric Blanco & Franck Pourroy
    22 Matters of Context in Design 
    Cynthia Atman, Jim Borgford-Parnell, Katherine Deibel, Allison Kang, ai Ho Ng, Deborah Kilgore & Jennifer Turns


    Janet McDonnell is Professor of Design Studies at Central Saint Martins College of Art & Design, University of the Arts, London, UK.

    Peter Lloyd is Senior Lecturer and Head of the Design Group at The Open University, UK.