1st Edition

Absorption and Utilization of Amino Acids Volume III

By Mendel Friedman Copyright 1989

    Containing 45 papers written by outstanding international authors from 14 countries, this three-volume compendium brings together the elements needed to understand the factors which influence the utilization of amino acids. The wide-ranging topics include descriptions of metabolic pathways and mechanisms of the biological utilization of amino acids, as well as factors that influence amino acid bioavailability in enteral and parenteral nutrition. The use of amino acids to improve the quality and safety of the diet is presented. Also discussed are amino acid precursors of biogenic amines and the role of amino acids in atherosclerosis, cancer, and immunity. Scientists from many disciplines will benefit from this broad overview.

    1. Altered Methionine Metabolism and Unbalanced Methylation 2. A Possible Basis for the Dynamic Phenotype of Cancer 3. Determination of Histidine, 1-Methylhistidine and 3-Methylhistidine in Biological Samples by HPLC 4. Clinical Application of Urinary 3-Methylhistidine in Evaluating the Muscle Protein Breakdown in Uremic Patients 5. Role of Glutathione and N-Acetylcysteine as Inhibitors of Mutagenesis and Carcinogenesis 6. Dietary Amino Acids, Eating Behavior, and Trichothecene Mycotoxicoses 7. Amino Acid Precursors of Biogenic Amines 8. Absorption and Metabolism of Heated Protein-Carbohydrate Mixtures in Humans 9. Effect of Heat on Tryptophan in Food: Chemistry, Toxicology, and Nutritional Consequences - A Review 10. Methods for Determining Bioavailability of Amino Acids for Poultry 11. Kinetics of Protein Degradation in the Rumen 12. Transport of Nitrogenous Compounds by the Gastrointestinal Tract 13. The Utilization of Free and Protein-Bound Lysine 14. Rumen Protected Amino Acids in Ruminant Nutrition 15. Amino Acid Digestibility in Pigs as Affected by Diet Composition 16. Considerations in Methodology for the Determination of Amino Acid Digestibilities in Feedstuffs for Pigs 17. A Comparison of In Vitro Enzymatic and Rat Balance Methods for Measuring Digestibility of Protein and Amino Acids in Foods 18. The Resistance to Proteolytic Breakdown of Some Plant (Seed) Proteins and Their Effects on Nutrient Utilization and Gut Metabolism 19. Chemistry and Analysis of Amino Acids


    Mendel Friedman