1st Edition

Academia and Trade The Numismatic World in the Long Nineteenth Century, Volume 1

Edited By Stefan Krmnicek, Hadrien Rambach Copyright 2023
    222 Pages 27 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    This first part of a 2-volume collection comprises a collection of essays in English by leading scholars on the 19th-century Academia and Trade presenting the latest developments in international scholarship on the numismatic world in the long 19th century.

    In the 19th century, developments in the study and collection of coins set the cornerstone for modern numismatics. This volume comprises a collection of essays in English by international leading scholars that highlight significant figures of the 19th-century research and the state of the numismatic trade in their time. Centering around collectors and scholars of ancient, medieval, and modern numismatics, and on non-Western coinage and medals against the backdrop of the political, cultural, economic, and social changes of the era, this book presents the latest scholarship on numismatics’ contribution to the cultural history of the 19th century.

    This volume is essential for students and scholars alike interested in 19th -century history and the history of coins.

    1. Academia and Trade—The numismatic world in the long 19th century: An introduction. 2 Parva Burghesia: Two unpublished numismatic manuscripts by Bartolomeo Borghesi. 3. Numismatics and collections in Southern Italy: Some case studies. 4. Churchill Babington (1821–1889) and the Cambridge coin collection. 5. Eugène Hucher (1814–1889), ‘hoards historian’. 6. The Beginnings of collecting and research into Byzantine coinage in 19th-century Italy. 7. The small world of Byzantine coins at Parisian auction: Agents, collectors and value. 8. Numismatics in Bulgaria during the 19th century. 9. Collecting, learning and connecting: A case from 19th century Sweden. 10. The Delhaes-collection: Relation between Vienna and Budapest. 11. Dattàri and Egyptian numismatics. 12. Reconstructing the provenance of the Chinese coin collection at KBR. A story of 19th century collectors and gift giving. 13. Russian medallic art of the 19th century: Back to the national roots. 14. Vercingetorix and national identity in 19th-century France. 15. G. N. Olcott and the didactic importance of ancient coin collections. 16. Evolution and revolution: Four sculptors and the 19th amendment. 


    Stefan Krmnicek is Junior Professor of Ancient Numismatics at the University of Tübingen. He has widely published on various numismatic topics such as ancient coin use, the archaeology of money, coin iconography, and the history of research.

    Hadrien Rambach is an independent scholar affiliated with the University of Lille, a professional advisor in ancient numismatics, and a dealer in engraved gems and antiquarian books. His research is concerned with all aspects of numismatics, with a special focus on the history of coin collecting.