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Academics, Politics and Society in the Post-Covid World

About the Series

This book series focuses on various forms of academic, social and political transformations that are taking place/are expected to take place in a post-COVID World. The biomedical crisis of COVID-19 has opened up a floodgate for all kinds of crisis like communal violence, racial discrimination, geographical hierarchies, socio-political hegemonies, and academic exclusivities. These crises are also catalyzing massive geo-political shifts in various epistemological and ontological frameworks of knowledge production across the globe. These shifts in turn are bound to influence patterns of thinking and doing in a post-COVID era, including shifts affecting pedagogical frameworks, curricular structures, institutional infrastructures, evaluation patterns, international policies, political ethics, communal relations, gender existence, racial connotations, mental health and physical wellbeing. With respect to academic shifts, many elite academic institutions have transferred their courses online, while other institutions are forced to shut down, due to the lack of sufficient technological infrastructure. With respect to politics, countries are experiencing several shifts in terms of social, cultural, economic and political policy-making that are bound to bring major changes in internal as well as international relations. With respect to society, the global pandemic has aggravated already existing racial, communal and cultural differences. At the same time, there are consistent efforts towards new forms of solidarities, reconciliations and humanity. All these are transformations that will continue to take place in a post-COVID era. Keeping these shifting scenarios at the forefront, this book series critically analyzes the various forms of transformation taking place in academic, social and political systems across the globe, during this post-COVID era.

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Pandemic Fissures COVID-19, Dehumanisation, and the Obsolescence of Freedom in India

Pandemic Fissures: COVID-19, Dehumanisation, and the Obsolescence of Freedom in India

1st Edition


By Suddhabrata Deb Roy
August 09, 2024

This book analyses India’s response to COVID-19, using an intersectional framework which highlights the roles of the central government, regional governments and community organisations, both formal and informal. The volume brings forward the immense potential embedded within collective ...

Green Academia Towards Eco-Friendly Education Systems

Green Academia: Towards Eco-Friendly Education Systems

1st Edition

By Sayan Dey
December 23, 2022

This book studies the importance of adopting Green Academia as a systemic long-term counter-intervention strategy against any form of impending pandemics in the post-COVID era and beyond. It argues that anti-nature and capitalistic knowledge systems have contributed to the evolution and growth of ...

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