1st Edition

Accelerated Life Models Modeling and Statistical Analysis

    360 Pages
    by Chapman & Hall

    360 Pages 20 B/W Illustrations
    by Chapman & Hall

    The authors of this monograph have developed a large and important class of survival analysis models that generalize most of the existing models. In a unified, systematic presentation, this monograph fully details those models and explores areas of accelerated life testing usually only touched upon in the literature.

    Accelerated Life Models: Modeling and Statistical Analysis presents models, methods of data collection, and statistical analysis for failure-time regression data in accelerated life testing and for degradation data with explanatory variables. In addition to the classical results, the authors devote considerable attention to models with time-varying explanatory variables and to methods of semiparametric estimation. They also examine the simultaneous analysis of degradation and failure-time data when the intensities of failure in different modes depend on the level of degradation and the values of explanatory variables.

    The authors avoid technical details by explaining the ideas and referring to resources where thorough analysis can be found. Whether used for teaching, research or general reference, Accelerated Life Models: Modeling and Statistical Analysis provides new and known models and modern methods of accelerated life data analysis.

    Introduction. Accelerated Life Models (ALT). Statistical Analysis of ALT Data Using Additive Accumulation of Damages (ADD). Statistical Analysis of ALT Data Using CHSH Models. Statistical Analysis of ALT Data Using GPH, GH, and GA. Models. ALT When a Process of Production is Unstable. Model Choice. Analysis of Degradation Data with Covariates. Accelerated Testing of Systems. Asymptotic Methods. Appendix.


    Bagdonavicius, Vilijandas; Nikulin, Mikhail