1st Edition

Accounting and Finance for the NonFinancial Executive An Integrated Resource Management Guide for the 21st Century

By Jae K. Shim Copyright 2000

    Have you recently been promoted? Are you starting a new business? Do you suddenly find that you need to know more about finances than you ever expected, but have no time for formal training? If so, you need Accounting and Finance for the Non-Financial Executive. Whether you are a newly promoted middle manager or executive, a marketing manager of a small company, an entrepreneur, or own your own business, your results will be measured in dollars and cents. You need to know the basics of finance and accounting to make sound business decisions and become successful.
    Shim shows you the strategies for evaluating investment decisions such as return on investment analysis. You will see what you need to know, what to ask, which tools are important, what to look for, what to do, and how to do it. Easy to read and useful, the book presents many practical examples, illustrations, guidelines, measures, rules of thumb, graphs, diagrams, and tables that make comprehending the subject easy.
    Accounting and Finance for the Non-Financial Executive prepares you for additional managerial responsibilities. You will be better equipped to prepare, appraise, evaluate, and approve plans to accomplish departmental objectives. You will be able to back up your recommendations with carefully prepared financial support. Whether they are based on marketing, production, or personnel, by learning how to think in terms of finance and accounting you can intelligently express your ideas.

    Financial Decision Making and Analysis
    What Can You Do About Your Departmental Costs
    How You Can Use Contribution Margin Analysis
    Are You Breaking Even?
    How to Make Short-Term, Nonroutine Decisions
    Financial Forecasting and budgeting
    Using Variance Analysis as a Financial Tool
    Working Capital and Cash Management
    How to Manage Your Accounts Receivable
    How to Manage Inventory
    Understanding the Concept of Time Value
    Capital Investing Decisions
    How to Analyze and Improve Management Performance
    How to Evaluate Your Segment's Performance
    How Taxes Affect Business Decisions
    What to Know About Short-Term Financing
    Looking at Term Loans and Leasing
    Deciding on Long-Term Financing
    Understanding Financial Statement Information
    Recording Financial Information and Accounting Conventions
    Analyzing Financial Statement Information


    Jae K. Shim