1st Edition

Acetic Acid and its Derivatives

Edited By Victor H. Agreda Copyright 1993
    456 Pages
    by CRC Press

    468 Pages
    by CRC Press

    Striking a balance between basic chemistry and chemical engineering, this up-to-date reference discusses important aspects of acetic acid and its major derivatives, including chemistry, methods of preparation and manufacture, and synthesis, as well as current and emerging downstream technologies.;The book provides comprehensive physical property data for compounds and their separation, including acetic acid-water separation. Describing five categories of techniques for the manufacture of acetic acid, it: examines thermophysical properties and aqueous solutions, with detailed explanations of mathematical models and correlations; supplies a critical analysis of property; outlines manufacturing costs and related economic factors; reviews the applications of acetic acid and derivatives; covers the chemistry and preparation of the derivatives; elucidates recent topics such as deicers, esters and new esterification technologies.

    Part 1 Chemistry and methods for the manufacture of acetic acid: bioderived acetic acid, Lee R. Partin and William H. Heise; ethylene- and acetylene-based processes, A. Thomas Fanning; manufacture via hydrocarbon oxidation, Gether Irick; manufacture via methanol carbonylation, Joseph R. Zoeller; other synthesis gas-based acetic acid processes, Bruce L. Gustafson and Joseph R. Zoeller; production economics, Peter N. Lodal. Part 2 Thermophysical properties of acetic acid and its aqueous solutions: acetic acid, William H. Seaton; aqueous solutions, William H. Seaton. Part 3 Selected acetic acid derivatives: acetic anhydride, Steven L. Cook; ketene, Peter W. Raynolds; diketene and acetoacetates, Robert J. Clemens and J. Stewart Witzeman; vinyl acetate, Charles E. Sumner and Joseph R. Zoeller; cellulose acetate, Lanny C. Treece and Griffin I. Johnson; alcohol acetates; J. Stewart Witzeman and Victor H. Agreda; halogenated derivatives, Paul R. Worsham; nitrogen derivatives, Frank Cooke; specialty chemicals, Philip C. Heidt and Ryan C. Schad; chain growth - acrylics and other carboxylic acids, J. Adrian Hawkins and Joseph R. Zoeller; key properties and hazards, Peter N. Lodal.


    Victor H. Anreda , Joseph R. Zoeller