1st Edition

Achieving Patient (aka Customer) Experience Excellence Lessons From a Successful Cultural Transformation in a Hospital

    137 Pages 72 B/W Illustrations
    by Productivity Press

    Written by internationally acknowledged experts in the customer and patient experience movement, Achieving Patient (aka Customer) Experience Excellence: Lessons From a Successful Cultural Transformation in a Hospital clearly outlines the principles and development phases of a great customer experience transformation. Using an engaging story, it allows readers to follow the journey of Community General, a healthcare organization that went from struggling to being nationally recognized for its performance and customer satisfaction success.

    Demonstrating how Community General was able to achieve its cultural transformation, the book presents valuable lessons learned that can be applied across a range of industries, including healthcare, telecom, and financial services. Each chapter begins with a case study that describes the experiences of the authors—the director of customer experience design, the director of imaging services, a consultant, and a business psychologist—allowing readers to learn from their success and struggles.

    Each chapter also includes a management learning section that provides practical advice and helpful tips for healthcare managers on their journey towards achieving excellence in the patient experience. Representing decades of battle-tested experience, this book will not only help you understand the components required to build a customer-centric culture, but will also provide the mindset you will need to strike the ideal balance between patient (aka customer) satisfaction and business benefit.

    The Story—What Really Happened

    Begin to Spark

    Personalize to Motivate
    The Story: What Really Happened
    The Lesson: What You Need to Know

    Serve to Lead
    The Story: What Really Happened
    The Lesson: What You Need to Know

    Connect to Engage
    The Lesson: What You Need to Know
    Active Observation/Listening

    Fail, then Account
    The Lesson: What You Need to Know

    Succeed, then Recognize

    The Lesson: What You Need to Know

    Inject Fun to Release Pressure
    The Lesson: What You Need to Know

    Measure to Coach
    The Lesson: What You Need to Know

    Action Program Spirit to Achieve Excellence
    The Lesson: What You Need to Know

    Get Help to Be Independent
    The Lesson: What You Need to Know

    Epilogue: One Year Later—Making It Stick Even When It Gets Sticky...


    While studying communication at Houston Baptist University, Rhonda Dishongh aspired to be a disk jockey for a heavy metal radio station. She began working as a registration representative in the emergency room of a hospital to earn extra money while in school. In those three years, she was bitten by the healthcare bug, forfeited the plan to be a disk jockey, and continued her career as a manager in the business office. Interactions that occurred during her beloved grandmother‘s death inspired her to dedicate her career to designing desired experiences in healthcare. With twenty-five years of service at the various hospitals and system offices, Rhonda has been an instrumental part of the leadership team. Rhonda has contributed to teams successful outcomes, receiving national recognition for performance in quality and customer experience. Rhonda continues to serve as the director of Customer Experience Design and Patient Business Services.

    On a personal note, Rhonda has been married to her high school sweetheart for twenty years and spends her personal time documenting a pictorial history of her two sons and daughter.

    Qaalfa Dibeehi (pronounced alfa dibay-i) is a recognized global expert in Customer Experience with more than twenty years of experience in the customer-related space with particular emphasis on the special problems and sensitivities of organizations that have a dual commercial and social/community responsibility.

    He is the chief operating and consulting officer of Beyond Philosophy, the Customer Experience consultancy. He was previously a managing consultant with Round, the customer centricity consultancy. While there, he helped develop an assessment tool that eventually won a 2003 Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Innovation of the Year award. His experience also includes senior roles at Fulcrum Analytics, where he was director of their consumer and strategy consulting pra