The American Acne and Rosacea Society is dedicated to advancing the science related to acne and rosacea and to enhancing communication between those interested in these diseases. This text is not meant to be a comprehensive treatise on all aspects of acne, but rather to address major points of interest by acknowledged thought leaders in the field in the hope that it will lead to further research, discussion, and refinement of our concepts of both the pathogenesis and the treatment of acne.


    Part 1: Social and Scientific Aspects of Acne

    Introduction: epidemiology, cost, and psychosocial implications

    Whitney P. Bowe and Alan R. Shalita


    Amanda M. Nelson and Diane M. Thiboutot

    Innate immunity in the pathogenesis of acne vulgaris

    Sheila Krishna, Christina Kim, and Jenny Kim


    Carol Heughebaert and Alan R. Shalita


    Thy Thy Do, Manisha Patel, and Sewon Kang

    Part 2: Overview of Treatment Principles

    Enhancing the success of acne therapy

    Alan R. Shalita

    The relationship between acne and diet

    Whitney P. Bowe, Maria C. Kessides, and Alan R. Shalita

    Overview of treatment principles for skin of color

    Marcelyn K. Coley, Diane S. Berson, and Valerie D. Callender

    Part 3: Topical Therapy

    Topical retinoids

    Andrea M. Hui and Alan R. Shalita

    Topical antibiotics

    James Q. Del Rosso

    Combination therapy

    Jennifer Villasenor, Diane S. Berson, and Daniela Kroshinsky

    Part 4: Systemic Therapy

    Oral antibiotics

    James Q. Del Rosso

    Clinical implications of antibiotic resistance: risk of systemic infection from Staphylococcus and Streptococcus

    Whitney P. Bowe and James J. Leyden

    Part 5: Isotretinoin


    Michael G. Osofsky and John S. Strauss

    Part 6: Hormonal Treatment

    Hormonal treatment of acne in women

    Jonette Keri, Diane S. Berson, and Diane M. Thiboutot

    Part 7: Variants and Special Situations

    Gram-negative folliculitis

    Elizabeth Gaines, Alan R. Shalita, and Guy F. Webster

    Acne fulminans

    Morgan Rabach and Guy F. Webster

    Drug and acneiform eruptions

    Deeptej Singh, Alan R. Shalita, and Guy F. Webster

    Acne in pregnancy

    Tobechi L. Ebede and Diane S. Berson

    Part 8: AARS Acne Treatment Guidelines

    Acne in children

    Caroline D. S. Piggott, Lawrence F. Eichenfield, and Anne W. Lucky

    Treatment guidelines in adult women

    Jennifer Villasenor, Diane S. Berson, and Daniela Kroshinsky

    Part 9: Physical Modalities in Acne Treatment

    Procedural treatments for acne

    Whitney P. Bowe and Alan R. Shalita



    Alan R. Shalita, James Q. Del Rosso, Guy Webster

    "This is a valuable addition to our acne armamentarium. It provides useful practical information in treating acne and enlightens us with the newest discoveries in the mechanisms of the disease. I found it more helpful than the usual books published on the subject."
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