492 Pages 274 B/W Illustrations
    by CRC Press

    492 Pages 274 B/W Illustrations
    by CRC Press

    Much time is spent working out how to optimize the acoustics of large rooms, such as auditoria, but the acoustics of small rooms and environments can be just as vital. The expensive sound equipment of a recording studio or the stereo in a car or living room is likewise rendered useless if the acoustic environment is not right for them.

    Changes in wavelength to room size ratio and the time difference between the direct and reflected sound at the listening location mean that the acoustics of small spaces are quite different to those of large spaces. Tackling these specific aspects of physics, sound perception, and applications for small spaces, Acoustics of Small Rooms brings together important facets of small room acoustics. Divided into clear sections, it covers:

    • Sound propagation—the effects of boundaries, sound absorbers, and time conditions
    • Physiology and psychoacoustics
    • Methods and techniques of room and sound field optimization
    • Examples of how these principles apply in real situations
    • Measurement and modeling techniques

    Physics of small room sound fields

    Sound fields in enclosures: Waves

    Geometrical Acoustics

    Sound absorbers

    Sound diffusers



    Spatial hearing

    Sound reproduction in small rooms

    Low frequency sound field optimization

    Rooms for sound reproduction

    Small rooms for voice and music practice

    Modeling of room acoustics

    Measurement of room acoustics


    Mendel Kleiner, Jiri Tichy

    "This book is definitely a great textbook for engineering students who are in particular interested in music and sound reproduction in small rooms. I could easily imagine a course around this book. Obviously, such a course has been the source material for the book. Moreover, it is a great reference for all researchers in the field. I recommend that all acoustics labs around Europe should have this book available in their libraries for faculty and students.
    —Tapio Lokki, Associate Professor, Aalto University, Finland

    "… a comprehensive review of the state of the art on many important topics in small-room acoustics, presented by authors with much knowledge and practical experience. It discusses small rooms from both objective and subjective points of view..."
    Journal of the Acoustical Society of America, March 2015

    "… this book presents the mathematical physics, material analysis, human factors and audio engineering, and computer and measurement techniques necessary for understanding sound fields and their perception in small rooms. …Each chapter has a list of the references noted in the text and shows the depth of research by the authors. Acoustics of Small Rooms is a useful reference, tutorial and guide for the designer, builder and end-user of small rooms."
    —Noise Control Engineering Journal, July-August 2014

    "This is not a crusty tome only to be glanced at once and then put on a shelf, never again to see the light of day. It is thorough in its approach, as might be expected given that it was written by two experienced academics...

    This book covers a lot more than just the acoustics of small spaces. There is an excellent chapter on psychoacoustics...

    A "must have" for almost anyone involved with acoustics, recording or sound reproduction.

    —Peter Mapp in Sound & Communications Magazine