1st Edition

Acting for the Camera: Back to One

By Peter Allen Stone Copyright 2021
    202 Pages 20 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    202 Pages 20 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    Acting for the Camera: Back to One is a "how to" book with practical steps to achieve a professional performance on camera.

    The book focuses on four distinct areas: how to prepare the character, how to execute the technical responsibilities that will assist the editor in creating the on-camera performance in post-production, tips from industry professionals, and how to create effective self-tape auditions. Part One: The Character’s World is packed with tools to analyze the script and fully prepare the character before arriving on set. Part Two: The Actor’s World focuses on developing technical acting skills for the camera that assist the pre- and post-production teams to create a dynamic on-screen performance. In Part Three: The Professional World, industry professionals provide tips from inside the film/TV audition room and how to navigate a career in the acting business. The final section, Part Four: Self-Tape Like a Pro, outlines how to build a self-tape studio in the privacy of your own home and submit high-quality self-tape auditions that will help you stand out from the competition.

    Written for students enrolled in Acting for the Camera courses, Acting for the Camera: Back to One explores techniques that can be practiced and mastered by actors of all levels, from the moment they audition for the part through to when they hear that director call "cut!"

    Part 1: The Character’s World  1. Preparation  2. Breaking Down the Script: The Value of Beats  3. Given Circumstances & Relationships: Bring Life On  4. Objective: Make It about the Other Character  5. Obstacles: Character Problems Are Actor Gifts  6. Actions: Ocean vs Pond Acting  7. Character Notebook: Mapping Out the Role  Part 2: The Actor’s World  8. Acting for the Camera  9. Frame: Play the Piece of Pie  10. Size: Scaling the Performance  11. Action: What Do I Do Now?  12. Art of the Reaction: Help the Editor Make You Look Great  13. Hitting the Mark: Skill vs Talent  14. Physical Continuity: Acting with Props  15. Voice: Play the Distance  16. Camera Time: Work with the Camera  17. The Final Beat: Focal Shifts and Cutting Points  Part 3: The Professional World  18. Auditioning  19. Learn from the Pros  20. Ten Audition Tips to Help You Win  21. Industry Interviews  Part 4: Self-Tape like a Pro  22. Today’s Actor: Production Skills  23. Studio Space: Find It Now  24. Lights, Camera, & Sound: Building an Affordable Studio  25. Filming: Slating, Intimacy, Props, the Reader  26. Editing & Submitting: It’s an Audition Not a Movie


    Peter Allen Stone is the Head of Acting at the University of Kentucky Department of Theatre and Dance and the former Chair of Acting for Film at the New York Film Academy in New York City. He has worked as an actor in film, television, and theatre, and he assisted as an audition reader for major feature films at Mackey Sandrich Casting in New York City. He has trained students who have appeared on Broadway, Off-Broadway, in Hollywood and Bollywood films, and on many popular television shows.

    "I’ve worked almost two decades casting projects for Broadway, television, episodic series, and feature films. Peter Allen Stone was someone I hired and trusted to be in rooms with me auditioning and discovering some of the most talented actors working today. He is not only insightful and keen with his feedback for actors but is also a nurturing voice of wisdom and support." 

    Jandiz Estrada Cardoso, Senior Director, Talent Inclusion, NBC Studios, Los Angeles 


    "In Back to One Mr. Stone offers a fresh perspective to an age-old conundrum: how to integrate traditional acting technique with the demands of the ever-changing, modern acting world. Utilizing easy-to-understand concepts in a casual, entertaining format, he provides critical training guideposts to help the emerging actor navigate the oft-complicated, filmmaking process. Other than persistence, I can’t think of anything more important to an artist with designs on pursuing a professional on-camera career." 

    Kenneth Suarez, Talent Agent, Brick Entertainment, Los Angeles 


    "Peter Allen Stone is a master teacher of acting for the camera. His workshop with our students was incredible! I admire his ability to involve the students into a fascinating process where all the participants learn by doing and from each other. I am definitely going to use his book in our acting for the camera program!" 

    Annemari Untamala, Kallio Upper Secondary School of Performing Arts, Helsinki, Finland  


    "Peter Allen Stone’s workshops are inspiring and produce clear results with actors of all levels. He is a master teacher who gets the most out of an actor’s performance combined an in-depth knowledge of filmmaking. I have seen him take beginning and professional actors from all over the world and deliver amazing performances in just four weeks. His passion and simplistic approach are a rare and effective combination!" 

    Diana Santi, Film Director, New York Film Academy Florence, Italy, Program Director 


    "I am so thankful that I studied with Peter Allen Stone. Beyond his vast knowledge of acting in front of the camera, whether that’s involving intricate techniques or tips to enhance your performance, Peter gives you something that cannot be easily taught; he inspires you to be a better human being. He encourages you to relentlessly pursue your passion and leave every bit of yourself into the art form you so dearly love." 

    Avkash Mann, Vocal Artist, Actor, India