1st Edition

Action! China A Field Guide to Using Chinese in the Community

By Donglin Chai, Crista Cornelius, Bing Mu Copyright 2018
    194 Pages
    by Routledge

    194 Pages
    by Routledge

    Winner of the Chinese Language Teachers Association’s 2014 Cengage Learning Excellence and Innovation in Teaching Chinese Award.

    Action! China is a practical guide for intermediate to advanced students of Chinese wanting to maximize their study abroad experience and enhance their language skills.

    This handy guide contains over 90 Field Performance tasks which prompt real-life interactions with native speakers. By carrying out these real-life tasks students refine and solidify existing communication skills and gain a fuller understanding of and participation in the target culture.

    The guide also provides over 60 Performance Watch tasks which help students understand how native speakers accomplish communicative goals through guided observation and analysis of naturally occurring interactions.

    Action! China helps students understand and participate socially in Chinese, guiding them through skill-getting and skill-using processes and enabling them to form meaningful connections with Chinese people in the community.

    Topic 1 Getting Settled

    Task 1.1 Getting Acquainted with a Language Partner

    Task 1.2 Establishing Cell Phone Service

    Task 1.3 Exploring the Local Neighborhood

    Performance Watch 1

    Topic 2 Eating

    Task 2.1 Exploring the Campus Cafeteria

    Task 2.2 Learning about Chinese Food

    Task 2.3 Exploring Local Restaurants

    Performance Watch 2

    Topic 3 Taking Transportation

    Task 3.1 Taking a Bus

    Task 3.2 Taking the Subway

    Task 3.3 Taking a Taxi

    Performance Watch 3

    Topic 4 Shopping

    Task 4.1 Exploring Retail Stores

    Task 4.2 Shopping for Clothes

    Task 4.3 Interacting with Street Vendors

    Performance Watch 4

    Topic 5 Exploring Campus Culture

    Task 5.1 Understanding Teacher-Student Relations

    Task 5.2 Apologizing and Repairing Relationships

    Task 5.3 Exploring Student Organizations

    Performance Watch 5

    Topic 6 Socializing

    Task 6.1 Getting Together with Friends

    Task 6.2 Being a Good Guest

    Task 6.3 Being a Good Host

    Performance Watch 6

    Topic 7 Solving Problems

    Task 7.1 Reporting and Recovering Lost Items

    Task 7.2 Communicating by Phone

    Task 7.3 Discussing Problems

    Performance Watch 7

    Topic 8 Protecting Health

    Task 8.1 Exercising

    Task 8.2 Taking Medicine

    Task 8.3 Going to the Hospital

    Performance Watch 8

    Topic 9 Volunteering in the Community

    Task 9.1 Introducing Yourself Formally

    Task 9.2 Comparing Volunteer Experience

    Task 9.3 Organizing Volunteer Activities

    Performance Watch 9

    Topic 10 Participating in Formal Events

    Task 10.1 Understanding Dress Codes

    Task 10.2 Learning Banquet Etiquette

    Task 10.3 Making a Toast

    Performance Watch 10

    Topic 11 Planning a Trip

    Task 11 Planning a Trip (Group Project)

    Performance Watch 11

    Topic 12 Talking about the City

    Task 12.1 What People Love about a City (Group Project)

    Task 12.2 Creating Promotional Materials (Group Project)

    Performance Watch 12

    Topic 13 Preparing Presentations

    Task 13.1 Conducting an Interview

    Task 13.2 Giving an Oral Presentation

    Task 13.3 Improving Q&A Skills

    Performance Watch 13

    Topic 14 Taking Leave

    Task 14.1 Preparing a Farewell Gift

    Task 14.2 Preparing a Farewell Speech

    Task 14.3 Saying Farewell upon Departure

    Performance Watch 14


    Donglin Chai has been teaching Chinese as a foreign language since 2006 and is currently a visiting affiliate assistant professor of Chinese at Loyola University Maryland, USA. She has directed intensive Chinese study abroad programs for the US Department of State Critical Language Scholarship program and The Ohio State University.

    Crista Cornelius is Director of the Xijin Chinese Language Program at Shaanxi Normal University in Xi’an, China, a new program integrating short-term Chinese study abroad with teacher training for novice Chinese language teachers.

    Bing Mu is currently a PhD candidate in Chinese Language Pedagogy at The Ohio State University, USA. She has taught Chinese language courses of all levels in both regular academic and summer intensive programs at The Ohio State University. She has also served as a mentor for advanced American learners of Chinese in The Ohio State University’s Chinese Flagship Program in Qingdao, China.