2nd Edition

Active Shooter Response Training Lone Wolf to Coordinated Attacks

By Scott Hyderkhan Copyright 2021
    244 Pages
    by Routledge

    244 Pages
    by Routledge

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    Active Shooter Response Training: Lone Wolf to Coordinated Attack, Second Edition, provides expanded and updated training for police and security officers who must respond to an active shooter situation.

    This manual addresses all facets of preparation and response, from complex logistical organization to collective and individual tactics, as well as special units or special skills tasks. Based on time-tested military training doctrine, the program described here offers a template for agencies of all sizes to offer training that effectively utilizes officers’ available time. Hyderkhan and his expert contributors cover all aspects of the active shooter response (ASR) mission, from risk analysis to logistical planning for mass casualty events. He also addresses medical care and evacuation, reunification procedures, and post-incident investigation. Active Shooter Response Training, Second Edition, provides the tools needed to prevent or mitigate tragedy in our religious congregations, schools, and public places. The book includes a voucher code for a 50% discount off of the companion online library of training videos

    This book is directed to law enforcement agencies, private security teams, training organizations, police leaders, and individual officers and trainers, in the US and globally. It also has potential as recommended reading in policing courses at the community college and university level.

    1. Active Shooter Small Unit Doctrine (ASSUD)

      2. Action Plan

      3. Training Management

      4. Rescue Task Force (RTF) Operations

      5. Close Quarter Battle (CQB)

      6. Individual Tasks

      7. Collective Tasks

      8. Action Drills

      9. Combatives

      Contributing author Kristopher Perkins

      10. Progressive Breaching

      Contributing Author Matthew Wilson

      11. Facility Clearing and Evacuation

      12. Command and Control in the Active Shooter Environment

      Contributing Author Christopher Fowler

      13. Communications Planning

      14. Site Threat Mitigation and Response Planning

      Contributing Author William Gage

      15. Task Performance Evaluations

      16. Patrol Special Equipment and Loadout


    Scott Hyderkhan was born and raised in Greenfield, Indiana. Upon graduation from high school in 1980 he joined the United States Army on a Ranger contract. His 20 years of service in the United States Army is highlighted with a great deal of his service in the 2nd Battalion 75th Ranger Regiment. Scott retired from the United States Army in 2001 as a Master Sergeant. Scott entered service into law enforcement directly following military service and served for 19 years as a patrol officer with the City of Mercer Island, Washington. During his law enforcement career, Scott dedicated his military expertise and SWAT officer experience to evolving his agency's Tactical Response Unit and response capability in mass casualty incidents, specifically active shooter response preparation and training. Scott’s military and law enforcement experience spans 39 years. He is the author of the Active Shooter Response Manual (CRC Press, Taylor and Francis Group) and is the president of Kinetic Tactical Training Solutions LLC. Scott recently retired in January 2020 from the Mercer Island Police Department.

    "This manual runs the security professional—law enforcement and private security alike—through preparation, response, and individual and team tactics based on proven military training doctrines. A good training resource to have on hand for law enforcement and security agencies, departments, and leadership."

    Michael White, CPP, CRM, Michael White Group International, Security Management Magazine, June 3, 2021

    "As a former police officer, SWAT and training officer, I appreciate the format of this book…[with] numbered lists (broken down into tasks and subtasks) as well as diagrams of how to apply the techniques. Since my retirement from law enforcement and training academy, I have taught criminal justice at the university, and prefer to see books that include scholarly research on the topic. To his credit, Hyderkhan’s book does include some scholarly studies, solid academic information, and case studies to support the tactics he described. While this may not matter to the average practitioner, it is important for police administrators when their policies and tactics come under question or scrutiny. There are other benefits of this book. First, Hyderkhan’s book uses the method of "Tell, Show, Do"… Second, the book is comprehensive yet succinct… Third, the author has a companion video library made up of 27 short videos for use with chapters 6 through 8."

    Dr Sue Weaver, Associate Professor of Criminal Justice, Emmanuel College, ILEETA Journal, October 2021