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    Drawing on the real-world experience of leading experts in oncological medicine, this reference serves as an invaluable source of guidance for anyone specializing in the care of acutely ill cancer patients-providing quick reference to effective techniques, therapies, and approaches for surgical, medical, pediatric, pain, and general oncology issues.

    General Principles of Oncology. Cancer Growth, Progression, and Metastasis. Principles of Clinical Cancer Staging. Principles of Surgical Cancer Care. Principles of Chemotherapy. Endocrine Evaluation and Management of the Perioperative Cancer Patient. Principles of Bioimmunotherapy: Interferon, Interleukins, Growth Factors, Monoclonal Antibodies, Antisense. Bone Marrow Transplantation Complications Requiring Therapy in the Intensive Care Unit. Principles of Radiation Oncology. Clinical Trials in Oncology 1: Organization and Oversight. Clinical Trials in Oncology 2: Study Design. Clinical Trials in Oncology 3: Ethical Issues. Perioperative Medicine in the Oncology Patient. General Principles of Perioperative Medicine: Surgical and Medical Perspectives. Perioperative Care of the Immunocompromised Patient. Anesthesia for the Chronic Pain Patient. Perioperative Anesthesia Evaluation. Perioperative Management 1: Brain Tumors. Perioperative Care for Breast and Gynecological Neoplasms. Postanesthesia Care for Reconstructive Microcascular Surgery. Musculoskeletal Neoplasms. Perioperative Care of Intraoperative Chemotherapy and Radiation. Critical Care in Medical Oncology. Principles of ICU Oncology. Delirium and Substance Withdrawl. Neutropenia and Sepsis in Cancer Patients. Acute Coronary Syndrome in Cancer Patients. Critical Care of the Patient with Pulmonary Infiltrates. Cardiovascular Support. Respiratory Failure and Mechanical Ventilation in Cancer Patients. Interventional Radiology in the Oncologic Critical Care Setting. Care at the End of Life. Legal Considerations. Perioperative Care of Children with Cancer. Perioperative Care of Children with Cancer: Overview. Perioperative Care of Children with Cancer. Perioperative Care of Children with Cancer: Intensive Care Perspectives. Pediatric Surgical Oncology. Pain Management. Symptom Assessment. Pathophysiology of Cancer Pain. Epidemiology of Pain and Cancer-Related Symptoms. Perioperative Pain in Cancer Patients. Cancer Pain. Palliative Care.


    Andrew Shaw, Bernhard Riedel, Allen Burton, Alan Fields, Thomas W. Feeley