2nd Edition

Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome

Edited By Augustine M.K. Choi Copyright 2009
    480 Pages 65 B/W Illustrations
    by CRC Press

    480 Pages 65 B/W Illustrations
    by CRC Press

    The only available text to focus primarily on Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome (ARDS).

    Thoroughly revised content and ten new chapters provide pulmonologists with the latest developments and applications of pharmacological and mechanical therapies needed to treat the debilitating and difficult condition of ARDS.

    Highlights include:

    • the definition, epidemiology, pathology, and pathogenesis of ARDS
    • complications such as transfusion-related injury, and endothelium and vascular dysfunction
    • the long-term outcomes of ARDS
    • host defense and infection
    • the latest developments in ARDS therapy: glucocorticoid therapy, surfactant therapy, mechanical ventilation, and mesenchymal stem cells
    • predictive factors: gene expression profiling and biomarkers, and chemokines and cytokines
    • advances in management strategies: fluid management, non-pulmonary and non-sepsis management, and glucose control

    Definitions and Clinical Risk Factors
    Marc Moss and B. Taylor Thompson
    Epidemiology of Acute Lung Injury: A Public Health Perspective
    Gordon D. Rubenfeld and Margaret J. Neff
    Radiographic Findings of the Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome
    Philip C. Goodman and Desir´ee M. Qui˜nones
    Pulmonary Pathology of ARDS: Diffuse Alveolar Damage
    Lester Kobzik and Lynette Sholl
    Pathogenesis of Acute Lung Injury: Experimental Studies
    Rebecca M. Baron and Mark A. Perrella
    Pathogenesis of Acute Lung Injury: Clinical Studies
    Benedict C. Creagh-Brown and Timothy W. Evans
    Apoptosis in the Pathogenesis and Resolution of Acute Lung Injury
    Gustavo Matute-Bello and Thomas R. Martin
    Pathogenesis of Ventilator-Induced Lung Injury
    Franco Valenza, James A. Frank, Yumiko Imai, and Arthur S. Slutsky
    Sepsis in the Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome: Treatment Implications
    Arthur P. Wheeler and Todd W. Rice
    Transfusion-Related Acute Lung Injury
    Mark R. Looney and Ognjen Gajic
    Mechanisms of Fibroproliferation in Acute Lung Injury
    Danielle Morse and Carol Feghali-Bostwick
    Current Approaches and Recent Advances in the Genetic Epidemiology of Acute Lung Injury/Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome
    Michelle NG Gong and David C. Christiani
    Gene Expression Profiling and Biomarkers in ARDS
    Judie Howrylak and Augustine M. K. Choi
    Resolution of Alveolar Edema: Mechanisms and Relationship to Clinical Acute Lung Injury
    Lorraine B. Ware and Michael A. Matthay
    Lung Vascular Dysfunction and Repair in Acute Lung Injury: Role of the Endothelial Cytoskeleton
    Gabriel D. Lang, Eddie T. Chiang and Joe G. N. Garcia
    Surfactant Therapy in the Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome
    Roger G. Spragg and James F. Lewis
    Prone Position in ARDS
    Antonio Anzueto and Luciano Gattinoni
    Mechanical Ventilation in the Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome
    Roy G. Brower and Laurent Brochard
    Fluid Therapy and HemodynamicMonitoring in Acute Lung Injury
    Carolyn S. Calfee, Naveen Gupta, and Michael A. Matthay
    Pathogenesis of Sepsis and Sepsis-Induced Acute Lung Injury
    Estelle S. Harris, Matthew T. Rondina, Hansj¨org Schwertz, Andrew S. Weyrich, and Guy A. Zimmerman
    Cell-Based Therapy for Acute Lung Injury and Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome
    Naveen Gupta, Jae-Woo Lee, and Michael A. Matthay
    Chemokines and Cytokines in ARDS
    Michael P. Keane, Emer Kelly, and Robert M. Strieter


    Augustine M.K. Choi