This reissued biography of Adam Smith, first published in 1982, presents both an intellectual and personal portrait of the man. It is not intended as a full-scale scholarly biography burdened with heavy footnotes. Although written by two of the world's foremost authorities on Adam Smith, the book is intended as an accessible study of a great thinker and philosopher which will help to introduce the reader to both his ideas and his period.

    1. Kirkcaldy  2. Smith as a Student  3. Edinburgh  4. The Move to Glasgow  5. University Administration  6. The City of Glasgow  7. Lectures on Rhetoric and the Considerations Concerning the First Formations of Languages  8. Early Writings  9. The Theory of Moral Sentiments  10. Lectures on Jurisprudence  11. Tutor to the Duke of Buccleuch  12. London and Kirkcaldy  13. London, 1773-1776  14. The Wealth of Nations  15. The Death of Hume  16. Commissioner of Customs  17. Last Days


    R.H.Campbell, A.S. Skinner