Adaptations and Responses of Woody Plants to Environmental Stresses  book cover
1st Edition

Adaptations and Responses of Woody Plants to Environmental Stresses

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ISBN 9781560221111
Published August 23, 2004 by CRC Press
328 Pages

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Book Description

Discover what improves stress resistance to cold in woody plants used in horticulture!

Adaptations and Responses of Woody Plants to Environmental Stresses covers the latest and most significant advances in woody plant stress research. Few books focus on the low-temperature stress biology of woody plants that are of horticultural importance. This book will appeal to graduate students, instructors, and researchers who specialize in plant stress physiology in botany, agriculture, horticulture, landscape design, or forestry.

The authors of this book, led by Dr. Rajeev Arora, are world-renowned researchers who have made significant contributions to the knowledge of woody plant stress physiology and molecular biology. Adaptations and Responses of Woody Plants to Environmental Stresses will keep you up-to-date on current findings in the fundamental understanding of the various aspects of woody plants’ responses to environmental stresses. With figures, tables, graphs, illustrations, and black-and-white and color photos documenting the studies of these researchers and scientists, this book offers a new awareness of the physiology and molecular biology of cold acclimation in woody plants.

The book will provide you with innovative research on:

  • the freezing process—ice nucleation, propagation, and deep supercooling in woody plants
  • the biology of dormancy induction and release in woody plants—physiologic, molecular, and cellular mechanisms
  • the physiology and regulation of seasonal nitrogen cycling in woody plants
  • the importance of dehydrins—a unique class of stress proteins—in cold hardening of certain woody plants
  • nitrogen-fixation as a stress-avoidance strategy in certain woody plants
Adaptations and Responses of Woody Plants to Environmental Stresses provides groundbreaking analysis and scientific research to facilitate future efforts in increasing tolerance and protection from various biotic and abiotic stresses, especially freeze injuries. This book paves the way for researchers and scientists to develop tougher plants with improved resistance to environmental stress and better strategies to protect plants from stressful conditions.

Table of Contents

  • Introduction (Rajeev Arora)
  • Ice Nucleation, Propagation, and Deep Supercoiling in Woody Plants (M. Wisniewski, M. Fuller, J. Palta, J. Carter, and R. Arora)
  • Characterization of a Novel YnSKn Class of Dehydrin-Like cDNAs from Cold Acclimated Red-Osier Dogwood (Cornus sericea L.) Xylem (E. Sarnighausen, D. T. Karlson, Y. Zeng, P. B. Goldsbrough, K. G. Raghothama, and E. N. Ashworth)
  • Inheritance of Cold Hardiness and Dehydrin Genes in Diploid Mapping Populations of Blueberry (Ganesh R. Panta, Lisa J. Rowland, Rajeev Arora, Elizabeth L. Ogden, and Chon-Chong Lim)
  • Molecular Genetic and Physiological Analysis of the Cold-Responsive Dehydrins of Blueberry (L. J. Rowland, G. R. Panta, S. Mehra, and C. Parmentier-Line)
  • Photoperiodic Regulation of Apical Growth Cessation in Northern Tree Species: The Role of Phytochrome and Gibberellin (Jorunn E. Olsen, John B. Jensen, Jörgen A. Mölmann, Arild Ernstsen, and Olavi Junttila)
  • Cell-Cell Communication as a Key Factor in Dormancy Cycling (Päivi L. H. Rinne and Christiaan van der Schoot)
  • Hormones and Endodormancy Induction in Woody Plants (Karen K. Tanino)
  • Freezing Tolerance and Injury in Grapevines (Anne Fennell)
  • Physiology and Regulation of Seasonal Nitrogen Cycling in Woody Plants (Gary D. Coleman)
  • Physiology and Molecular Biology of a Family of Pathogenesis-Related PR-10 Proteins in Conifers (Abul K. M. Ekramoddoullah)
  • Nitrogen Fixations as a Stress-Avoidance Strategy Among Actinorhizal (Non-Legume) Trees and Shrubs (Heidi A. Kratsch and William R. Graves)
  • Index
  • Reference Notes Included

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